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We’ve been on Gameday once in 2004 against #3 Miami. We lost. The following year the recruiting class was ranked #27 nationally in 2005. Tough to say if that one appearance had an impact then. One thing for certain, it sure as sh!t didn’t hurt. I’m sure a lot of them highschool fellers watch Gameday.

I was at that game. Devon Hester took a kick off 7 yards deep in the end zone and returned it for a TD — the longest KO return I have ever heard of. Hester could fly. IMO Winning would have done a heckuva lot more for recruiting than being on Game Day.

Can’t argue against the notion that Game Day doesn’t hurt. 😉 But do you really think high school ‘fellars’ are watching Game Day with all the actual games going on? I know I don’t.

That #27 ranking was more likely a part of the surge in recruiting rankings and success on the field that occurred during Amato’s early years. Those years really got me excited about the possibility of Wolfpack football really being relevant. It also was the source of some head scratching disappointments, too.