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Speaking of a head-scratcher in the rankings, I was contemplating just how in the heck did Miami get ranked #8? They were favored against FSU and had to come from behind to pull a victory (24-20) out of their jocks in the last seconds, and this was after State had beaten FSU. Then they pulled another one out of their shorts against Georgia Tech (25-24). A late 4th quarter score against the Cuse at Miami made their win, an 8 point victory that was in doubt in the fourth despite Dungey throwing four plucks in the first half, appear to be more solid than it was. So, they routed Bethune Cookman and Toledo and then apparently got their signature victory against Duke (31-7) and that yields them a number 8 ranking? Only Notre Dame and Va Tech present a challenge to them in the rest of their schedule. Talk about an easy row to hoe.