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The snaps are sometimes off target as well as in the turf. Pulling the snap to the placement spot can affect timing. Kicking is often a mental thing at this level. Concern for the snap in the back of the kicker’s mind really could be an issue.

Pack44fan might be on to something with this angle of the hold thing. Worth the ST coaches looking at. It’s obvious Cole didn’t hold in HS if he was doing the place kicking.

I’ve noticed something sitting in C-F that I don’t see watching away games. Bambard has no problem hitting them out of the end zone kicking with the wind. Kicking into the wind he does.

As for the pooch kick strategy, I’ll leave the decision when to use that up to the coaches. They are paying good money for analytics. I know better than the analytics guys but not my call. Bambard does have some problems kicking pooches where they are designed to go.