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It was as badly officiated a game as I’ve seen in a very long time. I don’t think it was particularly biased, just very poorly called, and the amount of fouls called worked against us because we had the shorter bench. There was a run of bad calls against State at the end of the game (Both the 4th and 5th fouls on Miah were unbelievable, and the 4th foul on Chelsea Nelson was terrible), but they made some real stinkers against Texas too. They called a flagrant one on Texas for a perfectly legal play on the ball, that was as bad as any call they made all game. The charge at the end looked like a legit call to me, but the problem is that they hadn’t called it a few minutes earlier on a much clearer charge by Texas’ best player, and this is after they called about 8 charges in the first half. They were inconsistent and incompetent, and it really marred what was a great game.

Miah Spencer and Dominique Wilson played their hearts out. They’ve been some of my favorite players to watch in all my years watching State women’s basketball. They both played the game of their life yesterday, and I hate to see it end this way for them. We had a tremendous group of seniors this year, and I’m going to sorely miss them.