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    If I ever decide to go through with it and make a website that analyzes games from a reffing evaluation (I’m gonna call it “The Tilt”), the State women would have been classified as a royal screw job. I knew how it was going to end before the 2nd half even started. State played good enough to win easily but couldn’t overcome a series of questionable calls that kept Texas close. Someone already posted a video of one ref counting for 5 seconds, we were on defense, and she stops counting at 4 because we are doing the guarding. It was that bad.

    It’s a done deal but would love to see coach Moore take some early suspension and let them have it. We were the better basketball team by far. Neutral court, neutral refs, it wouldn’t have been close. Who cares, its just NC State.


    Two pretty terrible calls at the end – Spencer’s 5th foul and the “charge” on the basket we took the lead on. Really hate that for our women who played so hard and deserved to win. Congrats to them and Coach Moore on a GREAT season. I am looking forward to what he can accomplish here.


    This was a heart-breaker, for sure. I’m going to miss this team and wish the best for all our seniors. I am still excited about the direction of the program. Congratulations to Coach Moore and the team on a great season.


    First of all this was a fantastic game. The fifth foul on Spencer was as bogus as any call I’ve ever seen in my life. The charge was pretty close. There were several critical calls that were pure WTF.


    I loved seeing the so called junk defenses from them. I agree there were some bad calls at the end. The 5th on Spencer that was just … terrible.


    I have been an On and Off Lady WP follower. Have gone to a lot of games over the years and had Season’s for a while. Life got too complicated….so we let them pass. BUT, took in several this year thanks to the packages.

    The team, as stated, WAS exciting to watch. They would come out and get down and usually claw back. Sometimes they would dominate and get almost defeated, but pull it out. In the First Round, even with the huge lead, Coach Wes Moore was STILL coaching and correcting mistakes.

    That boy need a raise (maybe give him the $300K that we saved with Coach Keatts over Coach Gottfried. Sounds like a plan to me.

    I personally (Conspiracy alert….scanning the horizon for Black Ops Copters) think that we were “bent over and fornicated painfully in the wrong orifice” by the selection committee. If you looked at our record (and I did NOT follow Joey L’s rantings), we SHOULD have been a #4 Seed….like the Dookies. NOPE, #6. If the UNC Ladies had had OUR record, I’m betting that the HC Advantage would have been in Carmichael and the Ladies would be playing in UNC-CH.

    WHY…simple. The NCAA wanted to “Punish” NC. Now, obviously a Progressive School where Trump Protesters are chastised and are attacked by “Rabid Snowflakes” is the NCAA “Kind of People”. SO, Dookie got a PASS and the fact that HB2 was in NC did not mean that Dookie supported it. BUT, since the EVIL NCGA passed HB2, then the State supported NCSU must be Held Accountable and PUNISHED. Jimmy their seeding and PUNISH THEM…SO, we LOST the HC advantage due to the “holier than Thou (or FIB politician….perhaps Rev BB) NCAA.

    OK….Texas DID get the benefit of some sweet calls. Life is tough….but Our Ladies are tougher. Wes Moore will figure HOW to pull together a good team next year.

    GO LADY PACK…we love you. The Four Seniors are a REAL tribute to what a TEAM is and what Student Athletes are SUPPOSED to be. Ashley is one more smart lady and she will do WELL…whatever career or job she pursues…


    Not EVERYTHING is about politics Roo.


    B’rer ‘Roo still pissed off that Hilary lost the election…
    plus he’s still working down off those heart surgery meds…

    that’s a combination that leads to random verbosity…

    we might just be sensitive and patient until he’s back to normal…
    whateverthehellnormalis for B’rer ‘Roo…

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    Frankly, I thought our ladies got the seed they deserved. They played a couple of bad games down the stretch and lost in the first round of the ACC tournament. It was a good season, but not a great one. I think that coach Moore is doing a fine job and look forward to us hosting NCAA games next year, when we deserve it.

    Now, I did think that the refs hosed us a bit today, even on the obvious out of bounds play, they were trying to figure out how to award the ball to Texas, but couldn’t figure out a way, so gave it to us.


    OK…lets pretend that the NCAA has NOT been such an @$$HOLE….let’s pretend that they did NOT publicly TELL Texas that IF they passed their HB2 Bill that THEY, like they did not NC, would LOSE all venues….and that is almost a direct quote from the presser or the news release from Indianapolis. Having said that….let’s debate the brackets….

    NCSU 23 – 9 (12 – 7) 7 & 3 Road and 2 & 4 Neutral

    Beat the following teams….

    Notre Dame (#1 Seed) in Reynolds
    Duke (#2 Seed) in Reynolds
    Louisville (#4 Seed) in Louisville….lost to them in the ACCT by 1 point

    Lost to Miami (#4 Seed) by 3 points in Reynolds. Miami is 23 & 8.

    Note, #4 Seed UK (Home Court in Lexington for NCAA T) was 21 & 10.

    I can NOT understand WHY we were NOT a #4 Seed…

    SO, I guess it is a moot point now….but the NCAA’s sudden “blackmailing” did, to me, have an impact…


    Watched the Womens game, no doubt there was a Texas flavor with the calls late in game when Texas was down. But also there was some very very untimely turnovers by the Pack women that could have put the game away. Couple lazy passes and inbound turnovers killed them. Missed freethrows also. But the foul call to eliminate our best player and late charging call was highly questionable. Would have been interesting to seen Pack go up against Stanford. Moore will miss the Senior Class. Hopefully the Mens program is on the same upword swing as Moore has the Lady Pack.


    It was as badly officiated a game as I’ve seen in a very long time. I don’t think it was particularly biased, just very poorly called, and the amount of fouls called worked against us because we had the shorter bench. There was a run of bad calls against State at the end of the game (Both the 4th and 5th fouls on Miah were unbelievable, and the 4th foul on Chelsea Nelson was terrible), but they made some real stinkers against Texas too. They called a flagrant one on Texas for a perfectly legal play on the ball, that was as bad as any call they made all game. The charge at the end looked like a legit call to me, but the problem is that they hadn’t called it a few minutes earlier on a much clearer charge by Texas’ best player, and this is after they called about 8 charges in the first half. They were inconsistent and incompetent, and it really marred what was a great game.

    Miah Spencer and Dominique Wilson played their hearts out. They’ve been some of my favorite players to watch in all my years watching State women’s basketball. They both played the game of their life yesterday, and I hate to see it end this way for them. We had a tremendous group of seniors this year, and I’m going to sorely miss them.

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