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Will the LAST ACC team leaving the NCAAT, PLEASE turn out the lights….

ORW is now the Swofford Banner Boy. YOu can take that and massage it and then interpret it ANY WAY YOU LIKE…

McCallum will have to entertain us with his “viewpoint(s)” on it.

KU and Mr. Self look that they might have an edge. Listened to one game on the way home…it was KU and MISt, I think. The announcers were talking about “Mr. Luckey (ee?)” and his expressions and antics. Welcome, oh mighty ones from the Mid West and the Upper Mid West to the world of ACC Ref’s. Karl Hess is also officiating….so I don’t guess that any of his peers will be wearing his initials (is that like giving a girl your class ring?) and also “feeling the thrill up your whatever”….

Mikey looked a little sad tonight. Mikey ALSO gave the FIRST Half Time interview that I have seen him give. Usually, an assistant will speak. Where is the REAL Grouchy Mikey….what have you done with him?

I can’t WAIT for the MSM and the FN crowd to start bemoaning the MILLIONS that the ACC lost due to the GSO venue being “passed over” from the evil HB2….and the POTENTIAL millions from the TV revenues.

Herr Roy (Ray?) Cooper will be on the stump tomorrow and will explain it ALL to us laymen in language that on the proverbial Philly Shyster can comprehend…

Have not chosen a gladiator to represent my viewpoints yet….Butler MIGHT…certainly NOT the remaining Miller off spring.