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I have been an On and Off Lady WP follower. Have gone to a lot of games over the years and had Season’s for a while. Life got too complicated….so we let them pass. BUT, took in several this year thanks to the packages.

The team, as stated, WAS exciting to watch. They would come out and get down and usually claw back. Sometimes they would dominate and get almost defeated, but pull it out. In the First Round, even with the huge lead, Coach Wes Moore was STILL coaching and correcting mistakes.

That boy need a raise (maybe give him the $300K that we saved with Coach Keatts over Coach Gottfried. Sounds like a plan to me.

I personally (Conspiracy alert….scanning the horizon for Black Ops Copters) think that we were “bent over and fornicated painfully in the wrong orifice” by the selection committee. If you looked at our record (and I did NOT follow Joey L’s rantings), we SHOULD have been a #4 Seed….like the Dookies. NOPE, #6. If the UNC Ladies had had OUR record, I’m betting that the HC Advantage would have been in Carmichael and the Ladies would be playing in UNC-CH.

WHY…simple. The NCAA wanted to “Punish” NC. Now, obviously a Progressive School where Trump Protesters are chastised and are attacked by “Rabid Snowflakes” is the NCAA “Kind of People”. SO, Dookie got a PASS and the fact that HB2 was in NC did not mean that Dookie supported it. BUT, since the EVIL NCGA passed HB2, then the State supported NCSU must be Held Accountable and PUNISHED. Jimmy their seeding and PUNISH THEM…SO, we LOST the HC advantage due to the “holier than Thou (or FIB politician….perhaps Rev BB) NCAA.

OK….Texas DID get the benefit of some sweet calls. Life is tough….but Our Ladies are tougher. Wes Moore will figure HOW to pull together a good team next year.

GO LADY PACK…we love you. The Four Seniors are a REAL tribute to what a TEAM is and what Student Athletes are SUPPOSED to be. Ashley is one more smart lady and she will do WELL…whatever career or job she pursues…