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OK, this is going to get me eviscerated, but it needs to be said.

Archie was NEVER coming here. It’s not a screwup on Yow or anybody else. Archie has come to hate the NC State fanbase, and regard it as a joke. His wife reiterated it on Twitter.

In these times, with younger guys, their loyalty is more to their mentors than their school.

However misguided I feel it is, the Millers interpreted Herb’s treatment as unfair and a deal breaker as far as filling the HC job later. So much so that Sean thinks he’ll be in play for the UNC job. And that ought to give everybody that loves NC State pause.

We need to divorce ourselves from these people. We have an opportunity to make a fresh start. And the Millers have made it abundantly clear they want nothing to do with us.

If you ain’t NC State 100%, you ain’t NC State.