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Let me see if I understand….

The PURPOSE of the $90K Search was to “Identify” those coaches that would have an interest in the NCSU job…assuming that an equitable salary arrangement could be reached.

It was supposed to be a Priority Ranked (as to their interest) list….

OK…based on the “Rules” of Coaches, AD’s, Consultants, Pimp’s, etc….

Any GOOD candidate who is amenable to “Consider a change” HAS to tell his agent YES or NO or MAYBE….and it ends there. He is SUPPOSED to be working on his next game. THEN the Consultant huddles with the Agents and compiles the list. Yow SHOULD have had the list early in the week or at least a partial.

THEN, she starts to decide WHO is number one for US…and that depends on their records and their $$’s and the phase of the moon.

NOW, did somebody LEAK again from AD Yow’s office….or was it a PLANTED leak to heal the savage WPN Fans and prevent on campus (or at the Gov’s office with Rev BB leading and bullhorns) Demonstrations….heretofore only reserved for a Trump Supporter.

IF Joe G’s tweet DOES have basis (and I read the OTHER thread), then you make the call. Leaked (as in DEEP STATE) or “News Flash” so that the fans are NOT yelling and screaming when ANYONE but the Prodigal Son, Archie, is announced.

SO…assume it is TRUE. Then Yow has to start with the OTHER candidates (if Archie was EVEN on the preliminary list).

Remember, this is NOT the Blacklist (or Redemption). We can NOT send a black ops team (or a Femme Fatalle) to Dayton and kidnap his family and then hold them for ransom. HE HAS to want to come. If he does NOT, then LET GO OF IT. If you don’t think that AD Yow is handling this right….write her or Dr. Woodson.

NOW…assuming that Archie was not EVEN on the list (his agent politely said, THANKS…but NO THANKS). BUT, if you want to really know, call Jon (Archie’s Dad….) Ask HIM…

Therefore, we must go forward. Where was it leaked the Marshall, Alford, GHOSTS ((DES’s Valvano, Wooden, Rupp, Case, Sloan, et) were or were NOT considered. Sometimes the little piece of the puzzle that represents 1% is NOT the Rosetta Stone.

If NO big time (and Buck$) coaches said “YES….call me when I QUIT playing”….then that is what it is.

Perhaps they READ here or have surrogates read us and PP and know how loonie we can sometimes be. Perhaps Herbie is NOW pulling a Gary Williams….perhaps Gottfried is texting them….

Keats, Wade, Moton, Kelsey, Lutz or whomever you want (FIB) are probably being talked to. IF there is, and I HOPE there, is a BIG TIME NAME….we DO run a risk of letting the top of our list get away waiting for him to lose….and THEN Indiana or the Warrior come after him. Remember how we “GOTT Shaka and then HE – NOT YOW or actually Shaka’s WIFE reneged..and we GOTT GOTT…

BUT if you don’t have an “IN” and you have NOT hacked Yow’s email, texts or voice….then WHERE is the valid info…

WHOA….some folks need to have a drink or switch to DeCaf or go out and walk a few miles….