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Chop: That’s the way they’ve looked every time I’ve seen them play this year. They win on effort, the fact that the refs won’t call every foul, and by having more athletic players. To me they look like the team that rolls the balls out that BJD talks about.

I think it is also why Wade is 3-13 agains the Power 5 + Big East. That style of play can beat up on teams with lesser talent (and VCU has about the second most I’ve seen in the A10 behind Rhode Island this season), but it doesn’t really work against teams with more skilled players.

Contrast that with Archie who is 23-13 against the P5+Big East (and actually has done better against those opponents than Marshall or Holtmann). Miller’s team is smaller and looks much more like a mid-major, but they’re better basketball players who move the ball with the pass, move without the ball and play smothering half court defense. Give me that any day.

I just don’t understand the crush some have in Wade. He’s going to have to win his next 20 in a row against the P5+Big East to match Archie. He is the scariest coach in the search to me because he reminds me of a cross of DD and Sendek. Shudders…

If we’re rolling the dice at that level, give me Keatts. He’ll boom or bust much quicker, and I personally think he’s done more with less than Wade. And yeah, he’s not really punched up well either as yesterday pushed him to 0-5 against the P5+Big East.

I don’t think Marshall is in play, and there are rumors that Holtmann is already out. Regardless, those two and Archie look significantly better than Wade and Keatts to me.