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I think the glass is half full….and I wish it were Crown Black….and I would totally REFILL it as it may be needed….many times over before we hear..

“We are pleased to announce that (FIB) is our NEW MBB Coach….and let me make one thing clear….he (but your never know) was always our first choice and we are pleased that he understands our great institution, our legendary heritage and past and knows that our fans and the administration fully support him as he restores the once great basketball dynasty at (Podunk U or NCSU or whatever)…..” Did I miss any key points here?

OK…behind the scenes….What OTHER options or paths are there. Debbie Yow is no dummy. Has she been perfect and always made the best decisions and never made a mistake? Of course not. BUT, given a LEVEL playing field this time, I am more than confident that she will make the right moves. She SHOULD have the support of the Chancellor and the BOT….now she needs the support of the fans or US….the WPN. You have to discount or set aside the issues of Gottfried’s hiring. Obviously, the way that she “chimed in” during the presser when GW was brought up….that was indeed a sensitive subject and, I think, a VERY negative influence.

If you looked at the Doeren search, that really went pretty good. NOW, we can debate the results but if you looked (at least to me) at Doeren’s resume….it was pretty impressive. Sidney Lowe had a pretty good resume….but when you have NO talent in the cupboard and then you throw in a serious personal outside influence….he got off to a bad start.

SO, if she handles this search with the same savvy and expertise that she did with Doeren, we should be OK.

Also, we need to understand that WE, nor her, can sell something that a coach, for whatever reason, has absolutely NO interest in. Whether Archie Miller is the absolute BEST candidate….I don’t know. He should be in the top 5 and is the sentimental favorite. BUT, if he is NOT interested, then raising the ante to $7 Million, might not even be enough. If the pay parameters are where we HOPE they are, then we are competitive. In addition, AD Yow has written the contracts where WINNING (as well as in the classroom) is VERY FINANCIALLY rewarding. Start out with a GOOD base (Supplemental plus Guaranteed) and then a good incentive (40% or so) package….and BINGO, any coach that had a “Competitive” spirit should see the earnings potential. I’ll bet you that Jimmy V would have jumped on Gott’s contract in the proverbial heartbeat.