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^ need to know just a bit more specifics on what/where this “online chatter” comes from. Is it the general negativity coming from the sports writers who fling crap no matter what? Or online chatter of a different sort? don’t need gory details just need to know if it is something different from the negativity of the paid trolls masquerading as writers/commentators.

sincerely curious

Without going into details, some of it is from the premium sites, who in the past typically have had good track records.

And while I detest Jeff Goodman, he does know people – the Millers specifically – and while he likes to troll, he can’t afford to get egg on his face either. So when he says flat out that Archie isn’t happening, and that’s consistent with what various other folks who have good sources usually are saying….

Conversely, I’ve yet to see anyone “in the know” suggest that Archie is a great possibility.