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The amount of rebuilding needed at State is not going to be known for a while.

Let’s speculate.

DSJr – Gone.
Johnson – Rumors he’s homesick, but clearly #1 next year at his position.

Henderson – Most likely gone, unless he gets that miracle 6th year.
Rowan – Earned his PT this year and then some.
Dorn – Already transferred once, so he’s staying.

Kirk – Good friends with DSJr, may be motivated to transfer for playing time?

Freeman – Senior, already used a RS year.
Abu – Possibly playing overseas?
Kapita – I’ve heard rumors of a possible transfer, but with a coaching change, who knows.
Hicks – No idea either way, seems like a Freeman kind of player, facing less of a log jam at his position.

Anya – Gone
Thompson – Already transferred, very tall, possible few minutes a game guy?
Yurt7 – Wants to go pro ASAP, and go NBA, so either gets drafted on potential or stays.

That doesn’t seem to indicate total devastation to me.

We might need to plug a hole or two w/ a late addition or transfer, but nothing impossible.