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^I’d actually be surprised if Marshall wasn’t interested. I don’t think it’s as high at may have been in years past. But I’ve said it repeatedly, he wanted the job twice. We blew it. And it has more to do than money.

From 2015, which about sums it as I’ve heard from longstanding close personal friends of he and his family:

“Marshall’s family enjoys Wichita, its schools and their friends, they have said. The happiness of Lynn Marshall and children Kellen and Maggie have always played a role in Gregg Marshall’s decisions and explain, in part, why he remained at Winthrop and Wichita State when tempted with other offers.

“If it ends up being about money, then there is some point that number is not attainable and wouldn’t be financially responsible,” Sexton said last week. “But there are so many other things that add up to what is a great job opportunity. We try to pay attention to all of those things.”

The article also goes on to discuss why he’s turned down more money in the past:

“Marshall’s most consistent standard for a new job is that it not be a rebuilding situation,” particularly as it applied to Alabama.

1. We are not a complete rebuild. Anybody can recruit here.
2. He wanted the job twice.
3. Marshall is fantastic evaluator and developer of talent, and he’s an excellent recruiter.