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Did not mean to rile up folks.

Hiring a coach with an openly extreme political view like Kerr and Popovich might have a positive recruiting influence based on the general population, but it could work the opposite for fans and alumni.

Therefore we need someone that is politically neutral.

My point about Coach Smith was he pushed the envelope. He actually improved the acceptance of black athletes and had some positive influence on CH…Who was actually more intolerant than Raleigh & NCSU.

State has a very good record of being color blind.

However, selecting a coach that beats a certain drum….Or frequently vents, as I am prone to do, would be foolish….And I believe that most Coaches social media activity is now looked at.

If the University wants to make a political statement and flouts the activism of their coach and the fans and alumni AR cool with it…..Fine.

Otherwise, the university needs to understand their supporters….And my take was that two activist NBA Coaches would not be a good fit.

How serious the post that offered them…I haven’t a clue.

If any of the Keymasters kills my venting post, it ain’t gonna bother me.