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On topic, I think we as a fan base have kind of zeroed in on grouping candidates:
1a) Miller
1b) Marshall

3a) Wade
3b) Keatts

4) Other

Is there a tier 2 in there? Are guys like Cronin and Holtsmann actually in play?

Since we’re just piling opinions, I would be shocked in Marshall was interested. Also, I’m not sure that he would be worth what it would take to pry him away from his current gravy train. From the last list of published coaching salaries, I’m not sure that anyone in the ACC other than K is making more than he’s getting now. Plus he’s under a lot less pressure/competition at Scary Wheat than he would be at any ACC job.

So the only way I see Marshall leaving is if his ego has started making decisions. And if that’s the case, it wouldn’t shock me if he hangs around until Crean is let go at Indiana; because that seems inevitable. Four NCAAT appearances in 9 years maxing out with 2 S-16’s is not getting it done. I don’t know how hot Crean’s seat currently is, but it has to be getting warm. Indiana basketball wiki article:

The only person that can answer your Tier 2 question is DY because we don’t know if anyone has caught her eye. Also, we don’t know who might be looking for a switch like TOB was when he left BC. That’s why you hire a search firm, so that those level of inquiries can go both ways.