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Hmmm, Since the start of this BB season I have been mum. I really dislike speaking ill of the dead (as in man walking, MG). I have chosen not to watch any games (as in NONE) this season of any team, not just the pack. I guess Mc’s ambivalence rubbed off on me without me catching his sense of satirical wit. That plus I’ve been busy as heck at the old salt mine. Our business has been really hopping as a result of word of our efforts and results this past political season got around. It has been fun to watch our CEO tout our abilities and hand out kudos to our staff. the end of year bonuses were nice too.

That being said I cannot see our lot improving with any of the names I’ve been seeing posted. Sorry, I just don’t see Archie being the man. Somewhere out there is a great second tier coach, either from the assistant ranks or mid conferences. I just don’t see us being able to land him. The crystal ball is murky. Yow should retire while she is ahead.

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