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I did NOT mean to cause folks to miss key job deadlines and put their careers at risk. THE INFAMOUS MG was supposed to be MJ as in Nike Swoosh also of Hornets and Car Dealer fame and the KID that actually left DES (Dean E. Smith) EARLY for the NBPCIA (National Basketball Politically Correct and Inept Association).

If NCSU does hire Libetards Stevie Kerr or Greggy Poppovich, then there WILL, I suspect, be a small (Numbers…but MEGA in terms of $$’s Donated to the WPC and NCSU Athletics) uprising. It will peak about 9 on the Richter Scale and Dr. Woodson’s incoming texts will be X-Rated.

That WOULD make for some interesting introductions at the PNC. The Snowflakes that had Play Doo Doo counseling are NOT the usual crowd that shows up at the PNC. Really would be a hoot….just to sit back and watch the fireworks….

We need to get Yogi started on this one…..he could have a ball with it….

I, TOO, also can’t quite determine the identity of some of the acronyms or the names for the players…