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Yea. I am not going to read anything good or bad into tweet.

And I am pulling for the flyers.

If Arch comes here – great, he is my a1 candidate. If not there’s others. What has made these job searches disasterous is the hires after the big fish turned us down:
Sean Miller and Marshall were available in the Lowe search.
Archie was available as was Lon Krueger (I think Dana Altman may have been available as well.)

Have a plan – execute said plan, unless it’s something you drew up on a bev napkin at the Angus barn.

Yes, and also what Wulf said right below you. These guys all run in the same circles, as do their agents. You get 1 A-Lister, 1 backup option, then 1 “rip cord.”

Having the right backup option (and it’s not necessarily just “hindsight is 20/20” looking back on our whiffs, yours truly profiled Lon Kruger and was surprised at how good his resume was once I scratched past the surface) is absolutely critical, as much so as playing our cards right with Arch, Papa Miller, and Morgan.