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IMO, Archie isn’t coming because Papa Miller will tell him not to, just like he told Sean vis-a-vis Pitt:

John Miller expressed concerns about unrealistic expectations at Pitt.

“I just think it’s a very, very difficult job,” he said, specifically alluding to the ACC competition Pitt faces annually. “Coach K (Duke’s Mike Krzyzewski). (North Carolina coach) Roy (Williams). (Syracuse coach Jim) Boeheim. (Louisville coach) Rick Pitino. Start adding them all up. It’s brutal.”

Those four coaches will all be retired w/in 5 years, most likely. But yes, this seems to be the way the Millers view the world. I haven’t seen a single “insider” type express confidence that Archie will come back here. I almost think we have a better shot at Marshall, who has made plenty of $ and may be getting bored in Kansas, looking for his one shot to take on the big boys.