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Painful to watch this season. Some say we have talent. That may be the case, but Gott wasn’t able to put the pieces of the puzzle together. We play very non-inspired basketball.

Media is having a frenzy over the firing. But guess what? They all get free media tickets and their company pays their travel costs. They have zero skin in the game. Someone at work had tix for one of the games available. Why do I want to pay ~$100, drive 3 hours each way, and basically use up the whole day to watch the typical game this year? And when the fan base gets to that point, a change
becomes a must.

One of the media folks was trashing us today over Herb Sendek. I told him that maybe he needed to hire Herb. I doubt Herb will be on the short list to come back.

This year’s talent just wasn’t developed. Only one that I can see progress with is Markel Johnson. Rest of them just stand around and watch Smith dribble. As long as Smith gets a SportsCenter play during the game, it doesn’t matter if we lose by 51. Our bigs had less than 5 rebounds TOTAL against UNCCH this week.

Something’s gotta change. We all know that. I don’t care a whole lot about what the media hacks say.