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I agree with ‘Bill.onthebeach’ once someone says they are done, they are done. Learned this the hard way with the last two employees who gave their ‘two week notice’; which was actually an ‘I really quit 2 months ago but decided to just let you know’ notice. New company policy, you give your two week notice, I pay you for those two weeks (minus everything I find you did wrong the last two months that I have to pay someone else to fix) and tell you to get out.

It is cheaper for me to pay them for the two weeks then to spend the next three months fixing everything they F-ed up because they really quit two months ago. I then also go back and look at the work over the last two months; usually I could just send them an invoice for all the work that had to be fixed and do not pay them the two weeks.

Gott has been not there for months.