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I’m almost positive Yow won’t do anything until after end of season but I do think she’s got the balls to fire Gottfried then. If were Yow I wouldn’t protect him because I hired him, I would cut his nuts off after I deep fried them and have them for lunch. He has caused her untold grief and aggravation. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned (or fvcked over as is the case here.) Gottfried was given the opportunity of a life time to coach in what was at the time — before he helped drag it down — the premier basketball conference in the nation. She and NC State have given him everything he needed to succeed and he failed. Don’t be surprised if she takes it personally.

Fowler was previously the AD from Middle Tennessee State or something like that who was in over his head at NC State. I don’t know why Mary Ann Fox hired him but I’d bet it was and interim solution to something with no expectation of leading us to prominence in the ACC. The professor who succeeded her was just that a professor with little care about athletic excellence and Fowler stayed on in a job he was ill prepared to succeed in. Not the case with Debbie Yow.

We will never know nor should we know but I’d bet that she is doing what we are doing — vetting the coaches we are interested in and talking to agents of those coaches to find those who are mutually interested. Some time after the coach we settle on is eliminated from the NCAAT, we will hire our next coach. Meanwhile expect her to publicly support Gottfried. It will be annoying but it’s the way the big boys play the game.