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NOPE….we are going to hobnob with the Sore Losers crowd on Friday night. Star Wars with the Symphony. May see if the NC or WC GOP has some special TRUMPER outfits. Thinking of a WHITE Storm Trooper output with a President (not elect) Seal and picture on the back and an NCSU Tuffy (in moderated tatters) on the front.

Actually thinking of a choregraphed number where a Trump and Pence and Kellyanne look alikes march triumphantly in the the Symphony Hall with the final (SW IV) finale music. Have a friend that worked for John William many eons ago. He could assist in getting him on Trumped UP One for the flight down. Problem is, my friend is still in mourning that HRC lost NC and is beginning to see that ORC (Old Roy Cooper) is looking MORE and MORE about the soon-to-be EX RESIDENT of 1600 PA Avenue.

I hate doing posts from the Droid. I accidentally, during the Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind event last night, put a CHECK in the Notify Me and my inbox is filling up faster than the Sore Losers List of House Members in CNN’s Green Room. EVERYBODY GOTT to get into the act. There is NO confirmation yet on how much George Soros is contributing to each of their campaigns.

However, the $2500 Retainer and the $50 per Hour (DOUBLE if you get arrested) Job Offers for Disrupting the Trump Events in DC have shown that the Trump Economy WILL BE STRONG. Problem is….these folks will have to report the income and that will impact their Free Feces Stuff that the outgoing leader promised them.

Outta here….play nice and stay dry and enjoy….