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If I were Randy, I’d put Gott on notice. I’d be crystal clear that only a top 4 ACC regular season finish or ACC tournament championship keeps him safe unless he makes a deep NCAA tournament run (Elite 8 or beyond).

Just curious, if we bring in Archie (or whatever other coach you want and think we could get) after this season, are you expecting him to meet these criteria next season? If not, when?

I don’t understand how he can say those things then tout Lutz as better than Gott with the same mouth. Yesterday was unacceptable but we are not a top 10 program if we ever were. Every top 10 program has HOF coaches that have been there for decades. Our closest similar program is probably Wake Forest. They are the only ones that have to deal with what we have to deal with. They don’t have our distant past or gullible fanbase, that’s the only difference.