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You are ridiculous to think Lutz “would have been better” than Gott. You can argue Greg Marshall, but not Lutz.

Lutz was actually in coaching when we hired him. Gott was announcing. Lutz did more relative to resources at UNC-Charlotte than Gott did at Alabama. Lutz had lived in the shadow of UNC and Duke and knew how to carve a niche out. I wouldn’t have targeted Lutz, but he’d have been a better hire than Gott. Gott was a horrible hire. Lutz is no longer here, and we’re doing worse relative to talent.

That’s not even mentioning all the candidates that would have been better than Gott. Marshall? Absolutely. I’d say the same about Cronin or Kruger. That hire was a case study of what not to do.

Who is “we”? Debbie Yow? Woodson? The Wolfpack Club? The fans? Gott hired Schroyer. Do you know dumb this sounds?

Go search for some articles about Schroyer’s hiring. The question was why a head coach would quit a head coaching job to be an assistant here, particularly a head coach whose team was clearly improving and the fact that Gott was on the hot seat. There were reports coming out that Yow was hedging on Gott. Remember, Gott had some health problems at the time. Maybe he thought he might be stepping aside?

Please be clear, I don’t think Schroyer is the long term answer. The defense has, if anything, regressed. If we had an opening today, I highly doubt Schroyer would be on the candidate list.

I just KNOW Gott isn’t the answer.