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Lo Brown, without the benefit of watching practice and being with the team ahead of Gott’s arrival, was light years ahead of DSJ with respect to running this offense.

sorry not done with you yet…

Lorenzo Brown (freshman year) vs DSJ
FG%: 41.3% vs 46% (WINNER DSJ)
3pt %: 32.1% vs 38.4% (WINNER DSJ)
Free throw %: 71.3% vs 75.2% (WINNER DSJ)
Avg Rebounds: 3.68 vs 4.2 (WINNER DSJ)
Avg Assists: 3.74 vs 6.4 (WINNER DSJ)

The only meaningful stats LoBrown was better is blocks (by the tiniest margin) and turnovers (by the tiniest margin.. DSJ averages 1 more than LoBrown per game).

Please explain what aspects of the game that LoBrown was “light years ahead of DSJ” in. Light years…. c’mon man!