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I cut the game off after 4 minutes. My 3 year old son asked why and I told him we had way better things to do than watch garbage.

If there’s any good out of today, maybe it is that the excuse mongers finally see Gott for what he is. Nope, it is because the game was rescheduled, our star player set a poor tone, Roy is a HOF coach, it was cold outside, etc.. Some seemingly will never wake up.

The Emporer has no clothes. He was a bad hire and the worst type of one because he’s just good enough not to get fired, yet never good enough to win anything of note. I disliked the hire from second one and was done with him last year. Maybe the rank and file is starting to wake up.

There were rumors that when Schroyer was hired that we were hedging on Gott. If he imploded, the reigns would be handed over to Schroyer. Well, I’m not sure I’ve seen many implosions as bad as today’s results, so it may as well be Heath time.

Yow’s got to go before this gets fixed. If I were Randy, I’d have a meeting with her tomorrow morning asking for her early retirement. It is going to be hard making that endowment push when beat downs like that are being dolled out. She’s bad for business. It can be spun that she’s improved things greatly and has done all here that she can (both of which are true).