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Yes, I watched the game. Being a realist, I expected us to lose by 20 but not be blown out by over 50.
We played sloppily out of the gate and were out hustled early. The kids were demoralized and reverted to tossing up threes and playing street ball. Lack of discipline. Also poor in game management to let them go on s 20-2 or so run early without stopping play to try and correct the situation. But that’s just the start.
No defense, poor defensive rebounding, couldn’t get a foul call on put backs (tendencies you know…) – but didn’t kick it back out until in the second hslf, etc. Poor team play ang just bad basketball
If our “top 40” coach can get these guys to play as s cohesive team by the ACCT, he’s a miracle worker. If not, I’ve seen enough and it’s time to move on. Gott to go.