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Rick … don’t know if Coach Durham ever wrote that down nor do I know who told him, although I’m sure somebody did…

Basically, it goes like this…
Now to be clear, Coach Durham was talking Game Coaching here much more so than Practice Coaching…

The White Line Theory

1. Some nights that Coach Sh#t you pull out of your bag of tricks DURING A TIMEOUT or at HALFTIME, just don’t F’ing work like it’s supposed to — WHEN your kids cross The White Line….

2. Some kids, no matter how many ways or how many times you explained “IT” to them, just don’t know WTF you’re talking about… on either side of The White Line….

3. The White Line can be a seductive monster, if you don’t control it… The White Line can take your kids away from you…. but The White Line always gives ’em back and you GOTT to clean up the mess left behind….

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