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Abu and Anya haven’t been the same since coming back from the NBA camps EARLY last summer…
Coaching degree of difficulty on fixing that, at this point… 9 out of 10

Why is it, nobody’s talking ’bout our “Senior / Upperclass” Leadership???

Perhaps because all indications are that these guys are decent blokes and because it’s very rare that guys hang around his program for 3 or 4 years.

Here’s a question for you – why is a kid like Tyler Lewis willing to ride the pine @ butler?

Perhaps, it’s an issue of respect- if you aren’t one of the “pets.”

Look, Gott is a decent coach. He is a good recruiter. However, there’s little indication we can expect much more than an NCAA bubble bid. He has been coaching p5 basketball for 16 years and has 1 conference regular season title, 1 division title and an elite 8.

He must have a lot of issues with upper class leadership.