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I am usually with you, I THINK…..but I draw the line at the Hot Dog. Being of the southern persuasion, specifically the Piedmont, I have had the opportunity to do a statistically significant sample of HD’s in that area. That probably encompasses 50 counties or so. The HD, was, by local tastes and definition, served as follows….

All the Way. Bun, HD, Mustard, Slaw, Chili, Onions and Ketchup. You had to say….HOLD the onions if you were going to church or on a Hot (Hopefully) Date. That was the standard. We did not question what kind of meat or what portions of the animal’s body was used in the HD.

Having lived in NE PA for several years, I took my wife to the Lake Erie shore during the two day PEAK of Summer season there. I ordered hot dogs at a local stand and told the slightly overweight waitress that I wanted Mustard, Chili, Slaw and Ketchup. She publicly humiliated me by shouting my order out to the short order cook and then kidding him about throwing up if he fixed them as ordered. I settled for Mustard, Ketchup and Chili and declined the foul smelling pickle relish.

Later, about 3 years or so, my DW in the late stages of her pregnancy would consume 4 HD’s at dinner, which she would roast over our fireplace. So, HD’s are part of our lifestyle. BUT, the best HD story was set in 1995 when we visited Australia and New Zealand. We were on tour and usually ate at 5 star restaurants each evening and we only paid for our alcohol. Whatever we wanted on the menu, including a caviar appetizer, was provided. One night, we were on our own and it was the Futball NIGHT of the century. The Australian team was playing and the streets were deserted. We ended up at a Hog’s Breath (not associated with Clint’s CA version). We kidded the waiter and asked if they had HD. He quickly left and the Chief Cook (Chef?) came out. He LOVED American HD’s and had them for special Aussie customers. HE took our order and we had a grand time.

SO, HD without Ketchup would be like UNC without some type of academic or athletic irregularity…..