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Well, if it’s possible, I have even less use for the place. And you’d better believe I didn’t even think about going down there wearing red last Saturday. Memories like Atlanta in 1992 don’t ever go away.

I would love to be an optimist. In this day and age (being a State fan in NC or the ACC), it’s impossible.

I never thought I’d say this, but I am thoroughly convinced that it’ll never get better. And, barring a miracle, the great USA as we knew it is (and has been) going the same route.

Oh, I’ll still keep my season tickets. I’ll still cheer at games and partake of good food and beverage and stay till the end and enjoy sitting outside and having fellowship (until the government finds a way to take that away from us). But, truthfully, when our worst fears (as much as we didn’t want to believe it) were realized as UNC arrogantly walked past the worst academic scandal in the history of college athletics, and we ended up in a division in the ACC that is a literal Murderer’s Row with no hope of conference realignment, and we realized that Johnny Swofford is pretty much going to live forever, and even if he doesn’t, he has sold the conference and by extension ourselves out to John Skipper (UNC) at ESPN…why would any hope of optimism exist?

We’re always going to be the foil. At one point, I’d never have believed this to be the case. But history will show that John Swofford becoming ACC commissioner, coupled with the witch hunt of Jimmy V, created collateral damage that I (forgive me) can’t see us ever coming back from.

Never thought I’d say this.