Media Says: Face It, Archie’s Not Coming Back To State

As much as State fans will hate to hear it, all signs point to Archie Miller spurning NC State.

Just a little while ago, Joe Giglio, a man who is as plugged in to NC State athletics as any outsider can be, posted this tweet:






Immediately afterwards, Giglio was bombarded with questions and theories.  Sean Miller thinks he can get the UNC job when Roy Williams retires.  Archie doesn’t want to work for Debbie Yow.  Archie wants a B1G job, possibly Indiana.  You name it, it’s probably out there.  But no matter the reason(s), there’s no reasonable reason to believe that Archie Miller will be introduced as NC State’s next head coach in basketball any time soon.  And that makes Miller pretty much this year’s version of Rick Barnes.

Realistically, State will end up doing pretty much what it has always done, that is, hire a new head coach who has shown potential at a lower level of competition.  That list is long, and has some distinguished and not-so-distinguished members:

Everett Case got his first college head coaching job at NC State after serving in various basketball leadership roles for the US Navy during World War II and as a successful high school head coach before that.

Press Maravich had been the head coach at Clemson for six years, compiling a 55–96 record before coming to Raleigh to be an assistant coach under Case.  He led the Wolfpack for two seasons before being lured to LSU.

Norm Sloan was 85–63 at Florida after becoming their first full-time head coach before returning to his alma mater.

Jim Valvano was Iona’s head coach before he came to Raleigh.

Les Robinson was at East Tennessee State prior to coming to Raleigh for the thankless task of salvaging what was left of NC State hoops after the university’s leadership decided to all but kill the program.

Then came people you likely need no introduction to: Herb Sendek from Miami of Ohio, Sidney Lowe from an assistant coaching job at the Detroit Pistons and Mark Gottfried from ESPN.

There’s an obvious pattern here, and it is one that will surely play itself out over the next few days or even weeks: NC State will hire a head coach from a much smaller and generally lower profile program, and hope that it works out.  Case, Sloan and Valvano were no sure thing when they stepped onto NC State’s sidelines.  Neither were Sendek, Lowe or Gottfried.  And the next Wolfpack coach will also be a guy who is no guarantee.  And that’s probably the only guarantee that Wolfpack fans will get.



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    No offense to folks opinions and experiences and careers. It should be Mr. Pig Farmer.

    Have you ever read little about him?

    Probably one of the states most successful and smartest businessman?. He did it by himself. Murphy Farms was ONLY sold to maintain his fortune and provide for his heirs. Pork prices tanked, so selling to Smithfield was the best defensive play.

    He knew very few good executives would want to come down east. He developed a posh CC and housing development as a perk. I worked for folks he hired…One was HIS president. He would not work for any slouch or huckster. Mr. Murphy is a credit to State and NC. Right up there with Rick Hendrick…And that is pretty heady company.

    Look what he has shared with State. And still does. BTW, guess who owns Smithfield today?


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    I died on a beach in Normandy or Iwo Jima. But God recognized what I could contribute to the world and quickly recycled my soul. He looked at yours and put you into the Hundred Year Rehabilitation program….

    Now it is all clear….Do you have this tendency to want to….Go WEST young man, go West?

    You OLD school…I new school…As Treyvon’s GF put


    omg I’m on the same page as McCallum.. someone help me

    Truth is… 90% of the time… McCallum doesn’t really think any different than the rest of us…

    At times, he just has curious ways of expressing himself…

    Which is also why he will deny the truth of this… but that don’t change a thing…

    Troll Bro… you’re safe….


    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    I am now adding two a$$es I need to beat to my list.



    ^Told ya’ll…

    Bring it on Bro Mac, anytime…
    Just remember

    “Old man don’t fight fair… he fights to win…one punch is all it will take….”

    I’ll buy the cold beer…

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

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    I need to watch my carbs when I am whipping folks born in the 40s-50s.

    1940s-1950s in your case.



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    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    You have come far grasshopper.

    Now try to take the stone from my hand.

    hmmm.. I don’t get the vibe you humble like the dust though lol


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    not necessarily derogatory….


    damn.. now I’m exlaining McCallum’s jokes…

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    Tyler Lewis and Butler are moving on.

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