daU Comes for a Visit – Miami Open Thread

Greetings Wolven brethren.  I’m getting a late start again today, so this is going to be short and sweet probably.

Another Hurricane arrives today at Carter-Finley.  Hopefully this one won’t flood my house like the last one.

Miami (6-4/3-3 ACC) rolls into town today.  They’ve had a somewhat similar season to our own Wolfpack .  Good early, 4 game skid in the middle, recently pulled out of tailspin.  The past two weeks they’ve pasted Pitt and UVa respectively, and they will be bowling regardless of what transpires from here on out.

After going on the road to Syracuse last weekend and putting a hurting on the Orange, the Pack (5-5/2-4 ACC) needs to win just once in the next two weeks (Miami, at U*NC) to become bowl eligible themselves.  It would be nice if the Pack could get that done today so that they could just concentrate on beating some Tar Heel tail next week.

Wolfpack Meets Miami on Senior Day (GoPack.com)

NC State (5-5, 2-4 ACC) must win at least one of its last two games to reach bowl eligibility status for the third consecutive season, and the sixth time over the last seven seasons. Game time is 12:30 p.m.

The opponent will be Miami (6-4, 3-3 ACC), an opponent looking to restore a rich tradition of excellence under their first-year head coach Mark Richt. The Hurricanes became bowl eligible for the ninth straight year by posting a road win at Virginia last week, 34-14.

Adding to the intrigue on Saturday will be tailback Matthew Dayes‘ quest to become NC State’s first 1,000-yard rusher since T.A. McLendon in 2002. Dayes, who has seven 100-yard rushing games this season, needs to 61 more yards to reach 1,000.

“Obviously, we all want to get to 1,000 yards, especially for the offensive line,” Dayes said. “They’ve done a heck of a job this season. It would be great to get it.”

The soft-spoken Dayes was one of those seniors who joined Doeren’s first recruiting class in February of 2013. He offered a glimpse of what was to come in the future when he scored three touchdowns in his first college game as a true freshman.

Wow, really????  14 years ago was the last time we had a 1,000 yard rusher????  Yes, really.

So it’s Senior Day for DD’s first class.  Let’s send ’em out in style.

Time:  12:30pm Kickoff

TV: ACCNetwork, Locally on WRAL5

Other Affiliates

The Pack is a 2.5 pt home underdog in this one according to Vegas.  And as I’m typing that, Lee Corso just picked us as his “Superdog” of the week.  Now we’re probably jinxed.

There was basketball last night in the Virgin Islands.  The Pack pulled away late for a 13 point victory over Montana, 85-72, to move to 3-0 on the young season.

Abu led the way with 25pts and 8 boards.  DSJ tallied 21 pts and Torin Dorn chipped in for 16.

Pack Controls Second Half to Defeat Montana (GoPack.com)

NC State pulled away from Montana in the second half to win its Paradise Jam opener, 85-72, at the USVI Sport and Fitness Center on Friday evening.


Montana had a 40-38 lead at halftime after a back-and-forth first half that saw 11 lead changes and no team with a lead bigger than five points. The Grizzlies had their biggest lead of the game at 5-2 in the opening moments of the game.

[Markell] Johnson had the best game of his short career with the Pack as the Cleveland, Ohio native scored nine points on 4-of-5 shooting and added six assists, four steals and one block with zero turnovers in 27 minutes off-the-bench.

The Pack advance to the winner’s bracket of the Paradise Jam and will play #22/20 Creighton on Sunday at 8:30 p.m. EST. The game will be televised on CBS Sports Network.

Creighton on Sunday night will be a good test for the young Pack.  I wish Mr. Kapita could be there for that one.  Oh well.

OK, time for football.  Let’s do this.

Go Pack!!!!!

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    Texas Longhorns lose to Kansas on the gridiron for the first time since 1938..
    that’s 1938… before B’rer ‘Roo, OT13 and Whiteshoes were born…

    Charlie Strong is “available”.

    How much would it take???


    Ya’ll think we are the lunatic fringe… Texans know BullSh#t when they see and hear it… and they won’t take it. Charlie would love Rawlee….

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    Word is the Texas boosters will force a Strong firing and a Herman hiring.

    Strong in Raleigh would be fantastic.


    No more excuses. Team must be bipolar. Same stupid, costly mistakes, week after week, and we continue to digress. Finally feeling the time for DD needs to come to an end. Horrible in conference record, and we are in year 4. But if change is coming, then please don’t waste money on a coach that is not proven at this level. We deserve better with the facilities we have. Losing is getting very old. Even if we show up Friday, and win. Change is needed. DD is a nice guy, but seems to be in over his head.


    If the goal is making dd seem like a great coach, please ask for Charlie strong. Good grief. That would be epic stupid…but we are nc state.


    Win or lose, Doreen will still be the head coach next year.


    Again – all evidence indicates that he should not be, unless we are trying to have him break Tom Reed’s conference record.

    If we somehow beat UNC – I can see saying wait for a year, but I don’t see how he keeps his job with a loss.

    Funny, if you were a freshman, all you have known is dave Doeren. He has a 3-13 record @ home. The good news is that going into friday he is 5-10 on the road.


    Hire Mike Leach


    If Yow still plans on retiring in 2018, no changes will be made until she leaves. We are stuck with DD – get over it and move on.


    UNC will drive that final nail in the coffin. Bye Dave, can’t say it has been nice knowing you.


    I don’t get the Strong love. He had his two over-achieving years at Louisville but they were bookended by 5 mediocre years, 2 at L’ville and 3 at Texas.




    Plywood ; it makes zero sense. I


    Well if we have to take another year, then DD needs to make some more changes. Special teams and defensive coaches, need improvements. Huxtable could have went out with Canada last year. And maybe we contract Dr. Phil for a once a week session, as the mental aspects of the game seem to plague us every week.


    Hoosiers was on yesterday.

    I watched it.



    Comments after NO WINE….


    Yow does NOT intend to leave in 2018. Her contract expires on June 30, 2019. And she FULLY expects to complete…barring some unfortunate Health or other issues.

    Doeren’s contract terminates on Dec 31, 2019. So we will not have to worry about the extraordinary expense of a buyout for him.

    OK….having said that…

    observations….some mine….some others…..some combined.

    Some have mistakenly, ME INCLUDED, mistakenly thought that the WOOD CHOPPING comment was a Coach Doeren quip. It was HWWNBSOHA. I owe an apology to HWWNBSOHA. At least when we were “chopping wood”, we were taking down trees and had a mediocre records and went to the NCAA. We were not Paul Bunyan, but we did get by. Right now, the football team looks like Woody Woodpecker in comparison….Maybe I need to change one of my ring tones from the Fight Song to this….



    Ok Adventuroo,

    I was off by 6 months, but I stand by my statements. Why would she “rock the boat’ if she is a short timer? If she is smart (which I know she is), you give those worries to the next AD. Not because you are lazy and don’t want to do your job, but because the new AD will want to select the new coach (ala ECU, UNC, etc.)


    …and who would accept a coaching job at NCSU knowing that an AD change could occur in 2019?


    If she is smart (which I know she is), you give those worries to the next AD. Not because you are lazy and don’t want to do your job, but because the new AD will want to select the new coach (ala ECU, UNC, etc.)

    So. Let me get this right. The best thing for Yow to do for the over good of the athletic program in general, and football specifically, is to let DD coach until a new AD is named 2 seasons from now?

    You have got to be kidding. We have a coach who has won 3 conference home games in 4 years.

    In case you haven’t noticed, the students have already bailed. Next year the talent looks pretty good, it looked good this year and was capable of competing with 10 of 11 opponents. However, recruiting has gotten consistently worse – I see nothing responsible, honorable or intelligent about giving the next AD a raging dumpster fire like all indications our program will represent if the next 2 are similar to the last 4.

    You always look for those who deviate from the mean for your best evidence…DD has deviated but not in a good way.

    It doesn’t matter what I think, and who knows next year we may make cosmic jump and go 5-3… irrational hope springs eternal.


    Dapper Dave should be terminated after the unc game regardless of the outcome.

    Leach will not leave WSU because they believed in him and he has pulled them out of the ditch.

    State should hire the least qualified candidate-in the opinion of the decision makers at State-because their ability to hire and chose wisely is one of the worse on record.


    *kudos to troll on the picks. Fine job.


    Hire Mike Leach

    Well, I’m not sure the player’s fat little girlfriends would take too kindly to that.


    Hell with ’em bitches.



    Maybe we should look at some former coaches” sons. Holtz or Kiffin? Somebody who is more aggressive.



    What we want and the reality of the situation are two different things. Keep in mind that any new hire would be entering the 2017-18 season as a first year coach with all of the “issues” facing a first year coach and you generally get a pass that first year. This coach would have to DRASTICALLY turn things around in the 2018-19 or face dismissal by the new AD in 2019. Now, are there coaches that would sign-up for this scenario – Yes. But are there any DECENT coaches that would sign up for this job at this point – probably not. These high demand coaches would go elsewhere with a more stable environment. Thus, by firing DD now, our plight of being unable to compete would continue with the wrong person at the helm. So you see, before releasing DD, one has to consider the next step and I cannot see a quality coach enlisting his services for NCSU with a looming AD retirement.


    Is there any evidence that new AD’s come in and go all Donald Trump on coaches who are early in their tenure? I just don’t really think that would be an issue, especially seeing as coaches have these things called contracts.

    The real issue, in my opinion, is would it be in our best interest for Yow another chance to find a coach after she hired fools gold the first time around?


    AT. What you just stated is what many seem to be missing.

    I’m gonna add one more, based on the 8’s I started throwin’ out post ECU.

    Yow may wish to retire at the end of her contract, but that ain’t necessarily gonna happen.

    The names on big buildings were shooting cannon balls off the bow in July of 2016.

    It is now impossible to roll an 8 the hard way…Things will get dicey. See James’ post.

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