Pack9 Heads to ATL to Face GT

Wolfpack Baseball (24-9, 8-5 ACC) enters the back half of ACC play this weekend as they travel to Atlanta to face Georgia Tech (23-9, 7-7 ACC).

The Pack has won their past 6 straight and 8 of their last 9, including a road series win at defending Nat’l Champs UVa and a home sweep of Wake Forest. In so doing, State’s RPI is now up to #11.  Coupled with a national ranking of #12, the Pack is currently well positioned for hosting an NCAA regional. With upcoming road series at GT, Clemson and Louisville, and home series vs Duke and Carolina, opportunity abounds to get themselves into the national seed discussion.

But first things first. And first, the Pack needs to stay focused and channel their inner William Tecumseh Sherman this weekend (read a history book, you heathens).

State and GT are two fairly evenly matched teams offensively and defensively. GT bats .307 as a team with 28HRs and 216 runs scored and a slgpct of .455 on the season. NCSU bats .308 with 28HRs and 213 runs scored and a slgpct of .458.

Defensively speaking, GT’s fldpct is .970, while NCSU’s is .971.

The difference in this series is likely to rest on pitching. Thus far, the Pack’s starters have been better than expected and GT does give up more runs than the Pack does. That will need to continue, especially in a hostile environment.

For the record, NCSU’s team ERA is 3.55 while GT’s is 3.87, and statistically speaking at least, the Pack does have a deeper rotation and a deeper bullpen.  The Pack has the advantage there of course, again statistically speaking.  But again this is going to be on the road so pitching and defense will have to remain poised on the road, which for college players is no small thing sometimes.

Weekend Schedule

  • Friday 4/15 7:00pm – ESPN3
  • Saturday 4/16 7:00pm – ESPN3
  • Sunday 4/17 1:00pm – ESPN3


SPECIAL NOTE – I want to give a heads up now about the ECU game next Tuesday, 4/19. The game is in Greenville and will be televised on REAL non-internet TV.

Tuesday 4/19 6:30pm – CBSSN

I’ll repeat this in the comments after the GT series is over so those of you who don’t bother to read all the useless crap I type (you know who you are) will get the heads up as well.

Elsewhere in the ACC this weekend:

  • (1)Miami at Duke
  • (4)FSU at Wake
  • (15)Carolina at UVa
  • (16)Clemson at (9)Louisville
  • Pitt at VT
  • BC at ND

ACC Standings

Schools Conf W-L-T Conf PCT W-L-T PCT
Florida State 9-2-0 .818 22-9-0 .710
Louisville 10-5-0 .667 26-7-0 .788
NC State 8-5-0 .615 24-9-0 .727
Clemson 8-7-0 .533 24-9-0 .727
Notre Dame 6-7-0 .462 17-12-0 .586
Boston College 5-8-0 .385 18-11-0 .621
Wake Forest 5-10-0 .333 20-16-0 .556


Schools Conf W-L-T Conf PCT W-L-T PCT
Miami 11-2-0 .846 27-4-0 .871
North Carolina 8-7-0 .533 24-9-0 .727
Georgia Tech 7-7-0 .500 23-9-0 .719
Virginia 7-8-0 .467 21-14-0 .600
Pitt 6-8-0 .429 15-13-0 .536
Duke 6-9-0 .400 19-15-0 .559
Virginia Tech 2-13-0 .133 11-23-0 .324

After sweeping Wake Forest this past weekend, the Pack hit the road south. On their way to Atlanta to face the Jackets, they stopped off in Elon and did this…

OK, too many highlights to show ’em all. Let’s skip ahead…

When the dust had settled, the Pack had thoroughly humiliated the Phoenix by a final of 23-3 (we really should play them more often).

Go Pack!!!!!

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    ^ Great news. Are they back up to where they started out ranked in the beginning of the season or were they 6?


    I’ll have to go back and dig it up, but I believe it was #8.
    This is’s ranking btw, which is the one I’ve used all year. We’ve been slightly lower in the others consistently all year, so when the others come out later today it will be interesting to see what happens.


    Both wrong….it was #10. Wow…I would have bet money on #8. Which is why I don’t bet.


    I had 6 in my mind for some reason. No idea why. I guess I’m becoming elderly.


    Any news on Mclain’s injury?

    How many lineups has ea trotted out? The damn batting order isn’t the same one game to the next.


    They are the “Fightin’ Edwin Moses” of NC State.


    Re: rankings…up to 9 in USA Today, up to 10 in NCBWA.


    Pack not getting the pitching so far tonight in Greenville. And no offense to Adler, but it’s about time he gets the hook before this turns into a half dozen plus lead for ECU.

    And just like that he starts grinding. OK…a little more rope maybe.


    You’re a grinder in your own right. Don’t get me started on ECU baseball stories. However, I will note that my brother almost signed with them. Instead he went to Kentucky and set a then record, for SEC , turning 2.

    He didn’t want to play at State, ’cause big brother was already there. Go figure.

    Hey. I had to say adios to my Canaan dog girl of 16 years this AM.
    I can say what I want.

    I like ECU baseball.


    Shit dude…all my empathy to ya, seriously.


    Been balling my eyes out. Not State related.


    You know the number.
    Gimme a shout if’n you need to.


    ^going to have to make the call on my 13 year old any day. He’s tougher than me. Feel for ya.


    I should have added that I like UVA baseball, Clemson baseball, too.
    Throw in the Gamecocks for Highstick, and we’ll call it quits.

    I am a Wolfcracker, thru and thru.


    Cd – that sucks. Put our pup’s/ buddys companion down last June…that was tough, but I knew we had given her a good life, we knew the end was coming any day and she died in the arms of someone who loved her – we should all be so lucky. Still, I bawled my eyes out.

    However, when the the buddy passes – which could be any day – I will have the same feelings you do today. Peace be with you and with your companion as well.


    SFN got some good peeps. So does the “Fightin Edward Moses” at Doak.


    Yeah man, sorry to hear it.

    That’s all I’ve got.


    Pack takes a pounding in Greenville tonight.
    15-3 Final.


    And CD….beach is still an option.
    Just tell them previous engagements to screw off.
    You know what I’m talking ’bout.


    Re our four-footed buddies…we are on our third rescue…good dog, and his two predecessors were all-stars. I wouldn’t want to have a dog that I didn’t weep like a baby over when the time came to say goodbye.


    CD, I weep for you and with you. In my lifetime I’ve buried 9, everyone of them a different personality and all of my friends put together couldn’t top one of any of them. My prayers to you and your family, I do feel your pain.

    Smarter than the average bear


    Pack tops A&T today 9-1 in G’boro.
    Last night rained out in Raleigh in case anyone was curious.
    Tomorrow in Raleigh at 1pm.


    Wow, seems this post is becoming a permanent fixture. Nothing else to talk about in the world of NC State sports???


    Pack puts a hurting on A&T today, 25-1 final.
    Sadly, even just playing 2 games vs A&T will drop the RPI by somewhere around 3-4 spots (A&T came into the weekend #289). Thank Jehovah we didn’t screw up and lose to them, and also that Friday’s game was rained out.


    Wow, seems this post is becoming a permanent fixture. Nothing else to talk about in the world of NC State sports???

    I’ll get a new baseball post up leading into next weekend’s Duke series.
    In the meantime, there’s plenty being talked about on the forums….

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