State topples Deacons, 75-72

Honestly, that’s all I wanted from Washington — just one win. Go beat a bad Wake Forest team with the hopes of winning a couple of games in a crappy post season tournament and finish with a .500 record or winning record.

As I mentioned in our pregame entry, the win just helps State continue to solidify having the 3rd best resume in ACC Tournament history and gives us more ‘bragging rights’ over our tobacco road rival.

NC State still is now 71-52 all-time in the ACC Tournament and 9-4 vs Wake Forest. The Pack 141-103 all-time against the Demon Deacons.

Mark Gottfried is an impressive 8-4 in the ACC Tournament.

Maverick Rowan put on a shooting clinic in the second half, ultimately scoring 24 points on 6 of 13 shooting from deep.

Cat Barber had 22 points and 6 assists. He now has twenty-one games where he has scored at least 20 points this season. That is 3rd most among major conference players.

One take away from today is just how bad Wake Forest really is. The fact that State is the only team other than Boston College to lose to the Demon Deacons is just not something that can be washed away by struggling to beat them two other times this year. It’s really an indication of how poorly our Wolfpack has clicked this year.

Duke won both games played this year by scoring 88 points in each game: 88-78 and 88-80.

While I previously stated that I only ‘wanted one win’ from our trip to Washington…the opportunity to ‘be NC State’ and mess up the brackets and pull an upset over another Big Four rival couldn’t be more exciting!!! Good luck tomorrow, boys!

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    Honestly, that’s all I wanted from Washington — just one win. Go beat a bad Wake Forest team with the hopes of winning a couple of games in a crappy
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    Glad we won. More like a tipple than a topple, though!

    Communism is not love. Communism is a hammer which we use to crush the enemy. Mao Zedong


    Gonna need more White Hot shooting on Wednesday. Maybe I can ditch my second meeting early and head to the airport to watch the game. Rowan has that melt the gym factor when he gets going. Need to get him in the weight room over the summer and he should be more consistent next season.



    this obviously wasn’t a night game…
    who schedules this sh$t???

    apparently I’m not the only dumba## around here…

    I’m glad we won, of course, but must ask the obvious question…

    What damn time is the next game against DOOK?


    ^I looked it up for the rest of us who are just like me….

    2:00PM tomorrow afternoon…..

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    No matter the obvious results of tomorrows game (Ingram scores 57 and Allen makes 26 three’s) we did not lose to Wake. I say again, we AT LEAST did not lose to Wake. Thank you and good night.


    Oh I forgot, Duke will be in the bonus 1:35 into the first quarter. Hey, we did not lose to Wake.


    Yes, we definitely at least go out losing to a legitimate team. Dying with our boots kitten mittens on.


    We can also hope Junior was up late celebrating the Idaho caucus results, and is way off his game today. Might keep it within 20 if’n so…

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