23 Years Ago Tonight

It’s the anniversary of Jimmy V’s famous ESPY speech. Will never forget watching it live before going out and then sitting in Spike’s when the late night reply was aired. After all of that drinking the tears were FLOWING from every person in the place.

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    Twenty-three years ago tonight, Jim Valvano gave us a message to remember. https://t.co/Yc0WEl4u8B pic.twitter.com/z3FZoSMqtt— NC State Universi
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    We happened across the speech as I had no idea that V was speaking that night. I sat right here in this chair and cried while Mrs Texpack watched from the kitchen table with tears flowing. It ranks along side Lou Gehrig’s retirement speech as one of the two most moving speeches in the history of sports.

    The years I spent at NC State watching V from behind the bench were some of the best years of my life and talking about my visit with him in his office can still get me misty eyed.


    Never gets old.


    I have V’s Audio book, Life Time Contract… (Cassette to CD to MP4) on my iPod as well as the Reynolds speech. Listen to them often. Wife and I cannot listen to the Reynolds speech without tearing up.

    Jimmy V had a impact on just about everyone that met him or followed his life and career. I used a lot of his stories and examples in the Safety and Environmental speeches that I gave in my plants. Everyone, regardless of in Syracuse, NY or Cullman, AL knew of Jimmy V and the 83 miracle team.

    Thanks for pointing out the date.


    Thanks for the memory

    Agree w TP, right there with Gehrig.

    A great man.


    Does anyone know where I can get a copy of that speech?


    I still miss V. Great coach and person.



    If you google the following….you will get many hits.

    Jimmy Valvano Reynolds Coliseum Speech.

    There is a YouTube (full length) that show up. If you want a downloaded Audio version, then google the following.

    YouTube Video to Audio Download.

    There is a YouTube app that lets you strip off the audio and you can download the MP4 (3?) file. That is painless and it also does NOT put your PC at risk from some of the “FREE” stuff.

    If you want a text of it, then add Text to the Google string….or listen to it and type. It is NOT that long….but very powerful.

    Good Luck,

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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