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    Seven years ago today, we lost a wonderful person and friend in Kay Yow. We love you, Coach. pic.twitter.com/c6QC0d32Lf— NC State WBB (@PackWome
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    My mom and I got to know Kay when Mon had chemo at the same time. She would talk about what a nice and wonderful Christian woman she was.Kay passed before my Mom ,but it brings me comfort to know my Mom has a friend in heaven. So this is what this day means to me. RIP KAY thanks for being a great coach,but more so a friend to my Mom.


    A great coach, a pioneer for women’s sports, and a world-class human being. I’ve been a life-long fan of the Wolfpack Women and know several people close to the program, and you never heard a bad word about her. She famously sent personalized birthday and Christmas cards to all of her former players. Some family friends of mine who were also big fans had a young daughter diagnosed with cancer, and Yow and the whole team were incredibly supportive and generous with their time. When she finally passed, Yow and several of the players were there at the memorial service. She was an outspoken Christian who didn’t just talk about her faith, but lived it out in the kindness and love she showed to others. You couldn’t ask for a better representative for the university.

    Some of my fondest sports memories come from the end of the Wolfpack Women’s 06-07 season, just 2 years before Yow passed away. Her cancer had come back in 2005, and started worsening early in the season, so Yow took a leave of absence to fight it. The team struggled in her absence, and had a 13-7 record when Yow returned to the bench. The pack proceeded to win 8 of their last 9 games, including Yow’s 700th career win, as well as the best game I’ve ever seen in person. On February 16th, word started getting out that they were going to be naming the court at Reynolds “Kay Yow Court” in her honor before that night’s game against #2 UNC. Not only that, but it was senior night, and State had 6 seniors on the roster. Now, if you don’t go to the women’s games, you might not realize that the crowds are usually pretty sparse. UNC and Duke bring good crowds, but Reynolds is rarely packed. Well, that night it was packed. The atmosphere was incredible. The game started, and those seniors blew the doors off. Carolina didn’t know what hit em, and we ran out to a 26 point first half lead, then closed it out from there. They didn’t stop there, and in the ACC tournament they unseated #1 and previously undefeated Duke. Though they lost the title game to UNC (the season would eventually end with a sweet 16 loss to UCONN), it was an incredible run. I’ll always remember being in the crowd at the ACC tournament and seeing every single person in the arena, Wolfpack fan or not, stand and cheer for Yow every time she walked onto the floor. I’ve never seen anything like it.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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