David Grinnage bolts to NFL

Significantly under-utilized this season. State will be fine at the tight end position.

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    Significantly under-utilized this season. State will be fine at the tight end position. .@Alpha_Male86 to enter @NFL draft. Story: https://t.co/gM
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    Tough to blame him, good luck kid.


    Will be interesting to see how he does. Was he a star we just didn’t recognize or properly utilize, or was DD/Canada right and he didn’t deserve the ball more.
    Time will tell.

    Go be a star!!!!

    sambo 2

    Who is next?


    This one isn’t a surprise. He’s been planning to go at the end of this season all along.


    never understood how he didn’t get the ball, whatever, it’s a chit show


    Yep, that was frustrating no doubt. Watch him light it up at the next level.

    Prowling Woofie

    Hope he gets picked up and shines at the next level. Can’t blame him – why stick around if the coach isn’t going to use him ?


    Uh…Wasn’t he the 2nd leading pass recipient?

    I think so. JSam being #1.

    Go figure. 2 TEs, #1 and #2.


    For guys that shoulda gotten the ball more often, that strikes me as odd.

    Hmmm…#1 and #2.


    ^ That just goes to show why Canada got fired.

    We should’ve had more offensive plays to spread the ball around more. It wasn’t the defense’s fault for not getting off the field, it was the OC’s fault for scoring too quickly on too many big plays.

    Damn him.

    Mystery solved.


    Actually he’s 3rd with 25 catches (Ramos was 2nd). And he had 7 more than the 7th leading receiver. So basically there was JSam (65) and everyone else. Definitely under utilized as a receiver.

    What % of plays did JSam line up at TE? I know that was his “Official” position, but that is a bit of a stretch.


    I think he had 25 catches…about 2 a game.
    I think I saw in the press release where a significant % of those 25 occurred vs. Our ranked opponents.

    Oh well, agua under the bridge now.

    Foose – you don’t like the firing of Canada coupled with the retention of hux do you?
    Our offense at times hit sendekian droughts. Grinnage would have been a good remedy for this.


    Foose – you don’t like the firing of Canada coupled with the retention of hux do you?

    No, I don’t ‘like’ it, and am somewhat perplexed by it. But I’m not going to complain about it.

    None of us know the intra-staff issues, and as head coach, it’s DD’s prerogative. Regardless, can’t really judge either way until we see the results of the decisions. Not just who is hired as the new OC, but the actual results and production on the field.

    As for Hux, I have no idea. DD being a defensive coach himself, maybe he’s planning on getting more directly involved, including maybe play calling? Maybe he’s keeping Hux (if he does) because they share similar general philosophies?


    Maybe we should have run JB less and thrown to the TE more? Maybe we should have thrown to fewer receivers and targeted the TE more?

    JSam may have been listed as a TE, but I suspect that was on paper only due to the logjam at RB. We seemingly lined him up out of the backfield or slot most of the time.


    He caught 15 total passes against FSU and Clemson, and 10 total in the other 11 games. 10 in 11 games for a pre-season All ACC tight end?

Viewing 16 posts - 1 through 16 (of 16 total)
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