Belk Bowl Drenching: Wolfpack vs Cowbells

Yes, I know Mississippi State’s mascot is the Bulldog.  Don’t care.

Those of you who will be in attendance, or anywhere in the Charlotte area really, get used to it.  And stock up on headache powders and ibuprofen.  You’ll need both.

The Wolfpack will go for win number eight today in what promises to be a very wet, and possibly lightning delayed affair.  Time will tell.

Game time is set for 3:30pm, TV is ESPN.

Wolfpack and Bulldogs Square off In Belk Bowl (

Gameday Central

For NC State, this game offers up an opportunity to match last year’s win total, while also adding a victory over a respected program from the highly-touted SEC.

“It would be a big statement, but at the same time we played a lot of top-25 teams,” Rose said. “UNC was a top-25 team, Louisville before the season was top-25, and Clemson is the number one team in the country. Those are three of our losses. We’ve played some good football and we’ve played some really good teams. At the end of the day, the SEC is the SEC. They’re considered the premiere conference, so a win against one of their better teams would be good for us.”

Wednesday’s contest will be a bowl rematch between two schools who faced off against each other in the 1994 Peach Bowl, a game that was won by NC State, 28-24. The two programs have scheduled home-and-home matchups for the future, with Mississippi State visiting Raleigh in 2020 and the Wolfpack making a return trip to Starkville the next year.

This will mark NC State’s 29th postseason bowl appearance. The Wolfpack owns an all-time bowl record of 15-12-1, but has prevailed in seven of its last 10 bowl outings.

The last time the Pack was in the Belk, this happened….

State went on to defeat the Cards 31-24.

Go Pack!!!!

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    Whoever runs the “statefansnation” Twitter is the worst. The absolute worst.

    I don’t believe in teh twitter or teh facebook. NOW GIT OFF MAH LAWN!!!


    Add an absolute molly whopping to cap off our completely underachieved season. 2015 Pack football will be a year we can all hopefully quickly put behind us and never speak of again.


    I feel like, and this is completely speculative, that we just don’t take the field with a lot of pride and fight. It’s like we play with zero emotion and we’re out there running through the plays. I dunno maybe I’m grasping at straws here. Just got our damn ass kicked though and that sucks.


    Wolfpack athletics needs that technology from “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” for sure. WE ARE THE WORST EX-GIRLFRIEND IN THE HISTORY OF EVER.


    I hope someone dropped trou and mooned all the cowbell ringers when we scored our garbage time TD.

    john of sparta

    ACC football sux.


    <Man, North Dakota State got hammered. When does the Pack play?>

    Thanks, I needed a laugh but it cost me a good beer.


    Well, that’s five hours of my life I won’t be able to forget. That’s about the nicest thing I can say about today’s Pack performance.

    Three years in and Doeren has yet to win a meaningful game. I’m just not seeing it from this guy (or his staff, which falls on him). I want to believe, but don’t see any evidence of hope. Definitely going to be worse next year.


    Chip Kelly is available…
    for those who might be interested…

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    I’m just glad Jacoby is gone. He has to have the weakest arm I have EVER seen out of a dude who is 6’5″


    Jacoby Brissett is about 2 years past his prime, period. If either Dave old ass Huxtable or Matt Canada doesn’t get fired it’ll be a travesty. Miss St. was/is clearly better than us, hell…they’d give Clempson a run for their money the way the QB played tonight but damn, give us a chance. I get so sick, to the point of GD’ing and F’ing seeing Dave boring ass Dorean and the rest of the staff looking more concerned about whats for supper than showing or having any emotion for whats going on the field. If I’m Samuels or any other speed player, my ass is out to go to a winner, we are not. I think our kids gave everything they could and did all they could with what they were told to do. He and the rest of the staff are lame ducks. To those of you who sat in the rain to see that crap…well frankly, your fault. Should’ve seen this one coming a mile away.

    Debbie bring the hammer


    Bill..Chip Kelly???? seriously, that had to be sarcasm. Yeah bring him on along with the proper documentation he’d need from his psychologist declaring him clinically insane for taking our job.


    Alias Troll….how we take the field, conduct ourselves and energy we bring is a direct result of our coaching staff. What energy the coach brings will be mirrored by his players. That being said we need to issue sleeping bags for our guys on the sidelines.


    Re: Chip

    There are going to be a ton of NFL jobs to come open in the next week or so. Some big ones, too. He may be so proud of a guy that he thinks he can make it work in another place. Obviously, he was a heck of a college coach and will have his pick next year if he decides to leave the pro ranks.


    DD will be back next year.The question is will you? The pack has talent and more coming. I just hope changes are made to the staff.


    Based on sheer quarterback comparisons, it was like we had Grady from “Sanford and Son”, and they had Michael from “Good Times”.

    I also listened to the interview with DD on the radio after the game. One of the questions was about getting McClendon in the game at the end. DD said that they talked about it, and asked JB if he wanted to be taken out to let JM play, and he said “No, he wanted to finish it.” ???


    Can anyone “in the know” fill me in on what happens next re: a discussion between the AD and the coach? Feel free to tell me what should happen as well as what you think actually will happen. Aspects that I’m interested in include: Is there usually a timeline with goals? Does the AD comment on the FB staff (OC, DC, etc) or does the AD leave that appraisal to the coach?


    We need better recruiters and motivators on the staff. That is evident.


    Yes, there is always an end of season conversation. How this one will go is anyone’s guess. We slipped a bit following a good year last year. She can’t be happy about that, especially with UNC’s sudden rise.

    If I am a head coach, and my AD infers I ought to make some staff changes, I’m going to make sure my resume is polished. Really, it should be left to the head coach. They really know best. But it is certainly possible they are so close to their guys and the situation that they are missing the obvious.


    Bad, enough with the pouring rain, and we get our a” beat! I have defended Doeren, and still think he is a capable coach, his problem is his incapable OC/DC. We are so predictable, and still don’t seem to change or adjust to that. So Huxtable/Canada need to go, and if Doeren can’t see that, then he needs to go too. I hear the athletes excuse, but we hang with FSU/Clemson when we play, and they are top 10, with the Tigers playing for the National Championship. The team looked so unprepared for this game, and lacked any energy. This again is on the OC/DC, and they need to go. I was hoping Canada would get the ECU job, and that would rid us of at least one of them. I hope Yow, has a sit down talk with the coach on the direction the football program is going. Changes are needed. And that doesn’t mean changing conferences.


    These coaches aren’t going anywhere; who’d want them?

    Everyone is worried so much about offense, but until we can put a defense on the field that can actually stop somebody, nothing is going to change.

    I’ve given up on us ever winning a division title, and in fact doubt that we’ll ever break 4-4 in the ACC given the division alignment and our coaching staff.

    I have never seen Wolfpack football at a point as low as I see it now. Everyone keeps saying we’ve got all this talent coming in, but I don’t see it. And if we did have it, would this staff know what to do with it?

    Two more seasons, everybody says. Then what?


    Who says “we have all this talent coming in?” THAT is what worries me. Not being predictable.

    What I see on the field ain’t gonna cut it, and what we have coming in doesn’t look program-changing to me. Long-term, I am worried about our position because I don’t think we have very much to sell.

    Hard to put much lipstick on the pig as the calendar turns to 2016. And yes, I still give Doeren two more years and hope he makes staff changes. Like I’ve said before and surely will say again, you DO NOT want to see where we stand in the eyes of the football coaching search market right now.

    Prowling Woofie

    Hard sell to a recruit, especially a multi-star – “Come to NC State and aspire to be mediocre !”

    Really tired of the same old mid-to-lower tier results in both football and basketball year after year, decade after decade. None of our players was alive the last time State was relevant in either sport. Hell, many of our coaches weren’t, either, it’s been so freakin’ long…

    Just weary of the futility


    If you’re sitting in the stands more than half way up and…
    you can’t tell the difference between LBs & DBs, between RBs and WRs…
    is that a recruiting problem or a S&C problem ?

    Granted we are playing about 70% 1st and 2nd year kids, so I guess we just have to weight two years to find out the answer….
    In the meantime, the only thing that changes is jerseys…
    which is a gray area in and of itself…

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    Realize Im in the minority, but I see program improvement. Questions are, is it enough and will it continue?

    Lots of talent has been brought in the past two years, but the 2016 class is looking a little thin. Still time for it to thicken though, but Im not encouraged.


    Huxtable? Not impressed. Never was, but kept an open mind. He’s mediocre, at best. He lost me midseason. Based on what I know of DD and a few other tidbits, Im gonna assume Santa Hux won’t be back.

    Jalan McClendon? Yes. That’s the biggest question. A question whose answer answers many others.

    Next year’s sophomores need to show more improvement than this year’s versions.

    Johnny Frazier and Matt Dayes.

    No complaints with Canada, big picture ones, anyway. Like the OL coach. Like S&C. Need playmakers. Need someone at LB to step up shine; they were disappointments in 2015. That could be said of others. Need leaders, period.

    As mentioned before, 2016 is DD’s proving ground. We’ll find out what we have next year.

    Dr Yow, I’d have Jeff Brohm high on that list you keep tucked away in your drawer. Real high.

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