Cheaters 45 NC State 34

Just how tough were the ‘penalties’ that UNC football faced 4 to 5 years ago when they were caught for years of allowing and even providing impermissable benefits? Well, they were ‘tough’ enough to be able to recruit the talent on a team that was able to go 11-1 in the regular season and beat us pretty badly on Saturday. Think about that for a while and compare their strategy of never admitting, accepting or backing down with the ‘NC State strategy’ of how do deal with significantly LESSOR violations of the early 1990s.

Ultimately, State was able to scrap enough to put up a respectable score and show that the gap between the programs isn’t nearly what it looked like in the first quarter when Dave Huxtable’s defense completely melted down and allowed 35 points on 308 yards. (This is INSANE!)

In the final three quarters, the Wolfpack (7-5 overall, 3-5 ACC) outscored the Tar Heels 27-10, outgained them 380 yards to 245 and had the edge in first downs 23-14. But the first quarter so severely tilted things in North Carolina’s favor, it didn’t matter.

“From the second quarter on, I think we played well,” Burris said. “We just can’t have that first quarter letdown.”

There are a lot of post-mortems for the entire season that we will address in the coming days/weeks. For now, we will turn our attention to following the bowl dominoes to see if NC State ends up in Charlotte at the Belk Bowl or in “Tier Two” at either the Military or Pinstripe Bowl. If you recall last year, a strange set of last minute events pushed State out of a spot in the Belk Bowl. This year, the question will focus on the desire to have Virginia Tech in Frank Beamer’s last game.








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    Agreed, very little chance they can hang on to both of those guys with what is coming. Best they can hope for is Fedora gets a job this year and Chizik is inked to be the head guy. That actually concerns me though as Chizik is a far better coach.

    I don’t know whether they will be able to sustain it but right now they are beating us by a wide margin as far as recruiting goes.

    It seems likely that the UNC sanctions will include the following for football:

    1. Loss of multiple scholarships for multiple years.
    2. Recruiting restrictions.
    3. Minimum 1 year postseason ban.

    Combine that with departure of Fedora and/or Chizik, and there should be a big negative impact on their recruiting. That, in turn, should create more opportunity for our staff. Given they have already signed some recruits for the 2016 class, the real impact may not hit until the 2017 class.

    The biggest deal of all IMO is if the NCAA decides to allow transfers without sitting out. That would almost certainly lead to some starters transferring to avoid the postseason ban.

    They could easily be a shell of the team they are now as soon as next season, and the recruiting impact and coaching changes probably means they will be slow to rebound.


    “Despite all the uncertainty with the pending sanctions, they have managed to build a very nice football program.”

    I have to say this statement by Wulfpack is what continues to bother me. Nothing against DD but we really never making any substantial movement up or down in the conference. I really think those who have moved to the positive put the money to it and put the best product on the field (Coaches & Players). I like DD as do most but we are notorious for gambling on coaches FB & BB.

    For the life of me I can’t understand some of the decisions with FG’s, punts and onside kicks at times in the game yesterday. I’ll give it to the Holes they are a better team so it was expected to be their game. That being said our Offense can be predictable and slow (too slow IMHO). Defense can be scary awful on giving up big plays. Heck The Holes looked a lot bigger overall as well.

    Nothing happens over night and programs/coaches need time so I can’t throw DD under the bus. However, that time for improvement should be shining through a little more than it is. No need to continue to beat a dead horse on our horrid out of conference schedule. The cupcakes have got to go and I wouldn’t mind seeing new coordinators on BOTH sides of the ball.

    This is where I would say how much longer to BB but that’s not been too hot either. Trying to staying optimistic…trying real hard.


    Let’s just go for Mark Richt


    I’m a big Mark Richt fan. Class act for anyone. Someone is going to land a great Coach.


    Some great comments here on the game yesterday and sideline coaching decisions. We sit in front of section where late hit on Williams was called. It could have went either way, a no call or as it was a flag. The two refs closest to play didn’t deem it severe enough to call while the one ref in chapel hill did (loved that remark). It was a momentum changer as it would have been a punting situation and our ball. Would it been a game changer? Maybe #71 on offense in blue did more obvious holding that were no calls to me was more game changing that the out of bounds pf. It created holes and slowed potential tacklers from getting to their backs.
    I like DD but I sense a loyality to his staff similar to TOB, for better or worse. There are some great young coordinators out there. I watched Lincoln Riley at ECU light up opposing defenses, including UNC, and wished DD would go after him. Unfortunately he is now in Okie and will be wearing a championship ring by New Year. Point is will DD make a move or change on a defensive and/or offensive coord? We saw first hand how a change in one year with D coord can go from 6-7 to 11-1. I hope he is not a young TOB,


    Can’t argue with that.

    “It’s the money, Honey.”

    U*nx got the quick fix at the tune of 3/4s of a million bucks, plus who knows what else.

    I’m a wolf. They ain’t my circus, and they ain’t my monkeys.’


    I stayed for the entire 3:45 (GOD….what a LONG Game….and the UNC Fans thought so, too).

    Officiating…..YES, we got some bad calls. The “late hit” was a legit call….maybe the only one. A LTR fan in front of me stood up and yelled at the Refs for 10 minutes later. I think UNC scored twice. Finally, his wife Texted Security and told him they were coming after him and he left….to calm down. and he was STONE SOBER….lots of emotions.

    Coach D probably nailed it….we were NOT prepared enough for the UNC Shock and Awe first quarter. It psychologically took us out of the game. The quick Bomb AFTER the Legitimate Late Hit was also the “Game Changing” PotG. It sucked all the life out of the defense and the offense was not up to the task.

    Fortunately, we did regroup and had a great effort in Q3….but we were a day late and an Obama Trillion Short.

    At LEAST (up to now), we have NOT heard…”Coach D shoulda NOT kicked old Shad off the team…” It was, despite its repercussions, the right call…

    Oh well, there is NEXT year….and do NOT bet on any major FB (or BB) NCAA sanctions….the fix is in.

    Fedora….now that is a 50-50 call. Had LSU done the idiotic thing and fired Les, then the Coaching merry-go-round (NASCAR’s Silly Season) would have been on steroids. Gene is a goner….and it will be interesting to see WHO the Hat (assuming he is there) picks for the DC.

    I concluded that we were out manned….out played….and out “whatever” and that is why we lost.

    Wearing my Nomex blanket sleeper, so flame away….


    We are all frustrated with the game against the holes, but we still gotta back the team. Time to go bowling. Checked out some possible projections, and it listed the Military Bowl vs Navy, or the Belk Bowl vs Auburn. I would really like the Charlotte trip better. Guess we will find out.


    Did the Belk Bowl in 2012 (memory). It was great….even though it was cold. Easy in and out and the Fan Zone kept my GS totally occupied. Bought WPC tickets, but some folks got better seats directly.

    That is the ONLY Bowl that I would consider….

    Have done a bunch of WP Bowls and really would like to do Atlanta….if I live long enough…

    Lets hope that the Belk Bowl folks look at the “Gate Potential” and pull some strings….


    Maybe they said something during the game that I missed and I didn’t follow the game thread as I watched the game the next day. But, I kept wondering where Samuels was. Was there a reason he didn’t get the ball more?

    This might sound like sour grapes considering the beatdown UNC put on, but I couldn’t help thinking how overwhelmingly unintimidating their uniforms are. You could pattern a baby’s nursery after them without any changes. You almost feel bad hitting someone wearing them – until you consider who’s wearing them. Talk about wolves in sheep’s clothing.

    I am with some of you on the emotion level. I had to check myself at one point as I nearly picked up my shoe and threw it across the house. My on-looking children kept me in check.


    So, gash the other team on the ground and take a big lead. Take a “hands in the dirt,” “work ethic” approach. Well, I guess it wouldn’t be the first time UNC took a page from someone else’s playbook.


    Everyone seems to think VT to the Belk bowl is a done deal…

    As far as the game yesterday…here is what I posted to PP:

    For me, the game changed on the late hit in the 1st quarter..we had just scored to cut the lead to 7 and had stopped them. Was it a late hit, yes. However, I can’t understand why the two officials who are on top of the play don’t throw a flag…but the official 40+ yards away throws it late. Hell, even the announcer said “the flag came flying in from Chapel Hill.” I’d love to see a different angle with that officials view of the play. They scored on the next play and we were done for after that…

    That play happened right in front of me, and it was an absolute BS call. Definitely a momentum changer at the time. But it is not an excuse for the atrocious defense on display in the 1st quarter.

    Just my opinion, but with over 25% of D1 coaching jobs available, someone will be coming after our coach. I hope not, and if they do, I hope he stays. We do really need a new D coordinator however. The current guy is not good.


    I read an interesting stat. Fedora has as many ACC victories in Carter Finley as DD does.


    UNC “flipped the script” on NC State. For NC State to have won that game, we needed to come out really hot in the first quarter and then try and hold them off. To their credit, they came out and went straight for the throat. I don’t like them, but they looked like the team on a mission and clearly took care of business.

    We were out prepped, out coached, clearly out talented and out motivated. UNC frankly looks better to me right now than Clemson does. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them beat Clemson, as much as it pains me to say it.

    It’s classic NC State fan mentality to go into meltdown mode. DD isn’t going anywhere, but I wouldn’t be so sure about Hux. There’s going to be a sacrificial lamb for this season and I suspect he’ll be it.

    I do wonder though what some expect a new DC will produce. DD is a defensive coach. You’ve got to think that he has had a heavy hand in the game planning.


    ^ I’ve said all year that the defensive recruiting outside of the D-line hadn’t improved much. He hasn’t been able to close the talent gap in 3 years, and he hasn’t been able to beat teams with similar talent levels. That’s a problem for him. I’m not giving up on DD but I know plenty of high school coaches and talent in NC, and unfortunately, we aren’t getting enough. When the boom comes down on UNC, that will help some, but I fear not enough. You gotta win.

    With that said, I have no idea what the over-under was for Saturday, but I fully expected UNC to put up at least 35. Just not in one quarter. Two of the plays resulting in TD’s could’ve gone for losses but the players didn’t make the play. We also didn’t score enough TD’s in red zone. Some of the playcalling on the offensive side of the ball was bad. The knock on Canada is that he gets away from what works. I HATE THE JET SWEEP. ESPECIALLY INSIDE THE 10-15. Especially against teams that have good speed and lateral quickness. If you know you’re in 4 down territory, then you certainly don’t run side on first or second, then pound up the middle on 3rd.

    I’ve read or heard that Hux or DD or both want to go back to a traditional 4-3. That’s scary. If you look back at DD’s days at WI, they weren’t a defensive juggernaut. Slow. It’s what kept them from being elite while they had dominating offenses and run games. The Big 10 was slow. Still is outside a few teams. We look like a Big 10 team minus the power run game.


    My take on the game is that our defense started the game with the primary goal of getting to their quarterback. Chapel Hill expected it (after last year) and had a bunch of quick dump plays ready. They took advantage of our over-aggressive play and torched us several times. After the defense went with a more conservative run stop attitude, we held them and worked our way back into the game.

    Did this occur to anyone else?

    I’d love to hear from you guys with way more football experience than me.


    Not just quick dumps but counter run plays as well. Linebackers were out of their league. If we can’t get some talent infusion soon, we’ll be right there with Cuse in the bottom of the Atlantic. Doeren needs to find his Wilson/Rivers or Irving player quick, and a DC that these players want to play for.


    Well, you’ve got to hand it to the Holes. After years of academic and athletic misconduct, they have zero tolerance for any misconduct by their scholarship athletes. After a defensive cornerback was involved in an “incident” at the Mirage Nightclub in downtown Raleigh, Coach “hat” was quick to hand out harsh punishment. All of the team’s tutors must write on the chalkboard (politically correct) “I will not misbehave” 100 times.

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