Highlights: NC State 35 Eastern Kentucky 0

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    A win with teachable moments. Take the lessons on the road for two weeks to joints where we are favored and should build some road confidence. I like our schedule, a lot. I’m turning 59 this week and I LOVE the black uniforms. So wise ones, tell me what that means.


    You’re easily influenced.


    I understand, but I’m a little disappointed the block on the kickoff return didn’t make it in to the highlight reel.

    Watching that in the stands live was brutal. I turned to my wife and said, “They just killed that guy.”


    ^That’s going to leave a mark.


    Damned if doesn’t cut in…he scores.

    That’s my inner 44.


    Did what we needed to do. Get ready to walk into a the lions den on Saturday.


    Lions den? REALLY? I don’t see it. Game will be over by half time. 42 – 7

    Smarter than the average bear


    Damned if doesn’t cut in…he scores.

    Yep. Sitting on the 50 on that side of the field, we said the exact same thing when it happened.

    I’m sure Cherry winced on that one once he saw the film.


    Lions den? REALLY? I don’t see it. Game will be over by half time. 42 – 7

    Long live Cecil’s ghost!


    I like our schedule, a lot. I’m turning 59 this week and I LOVE the black uniforms. So wise ones, tell me what that means.

    Is 59 too old for mid-life crisis? I’ll have to consult the opinion spectrum on the uniforms threads.


    For what it’s worth, John Galt, I’m turning 60 in a couple of months and I like the black uniforms as a once-a-season thing. However, I do NOT want to see them in the Carolina game – EVER. That game is special enough and embodies enough pressure without adding the strange-uniform-factor on top of everything else. My son, who’s 24 and barely even follows sports, DOES like the black uniforms, so I’m guessing it’s mainly a “young” thing. Overall, I’m pretty much “old school” on the uniforms (and everything else, it seems): red top, white pants (with or without red stripe) and white helmets. Of course the main thing is: WIN!!!


    ^skitch-agree with all of your points above…maybe its a 59-year-old thing…turning the big 6-0 in a few months as well!


    Memo to all the 59’ers headed for the BIG 60. Stock up on Advil. I turned the BIGGER 70 this year. After much research and also codgutation, I have developed a hypothesis that Einstein and Newton are admiring from above….

    For every year that your age is divisible (without a remainder) by 5, your aches and pains and frailities will double….

    I’m not even certain that I am as GOOD, ONCE as I ever WAS….and I KNOW I wuz before my last birthday….I even gave up my annual slalom water skiing (full deep water start). I also was gonna join Lynda Loveland and “Go OVER the TOP”, but decided against that….not even for a selfie with here….

    My bones do not heal as fast and my joints complain a lot more. At Toby sings….

    I used to Hell on Wheels, back in my younger days…
    Now my body says, You can’t do this boy…
    But my Pride says, “Oh, YES you can….

    I also saw that block and said OUCH…..it was in front of our section…

    Did anyone hear the “stats” of our “counterparts” dressed in light blue?

    Two MEMORABLE ONES….Kenan is now actually larger, by about 5K than CF. We sold out the EKU game and had at least 98% attendance.

    Baby Blues had 44K there. That is 70% of the 62K capacity. I guess that all the Groupons (25% of face) did not sell out.

    SECOND…..the great Gene Chizik (sp?) Rev 2 DEFENSE….gave up almost 300 yards to A & T. Admittedly, we did the same to Troy….but we only allowed 135 or so this weekend and only 15 YARDS in the second half.

    GOOD SHOW…..


    Top Gun, Thanks for a very entertaining post. I’m 78 and I feel fortunate if I wake up on the “good” side of the grass in the morning.

    I would like to lower my sex drive — about 30 inches down from my head. 😉


    ODU should be interesting game. Mostly a ground team. They play with a chip on their shoulder, much like ECU. I would not underestimate them. If you get to the game, eat at Fellini’s over at 3910 Colley Ave.

Viewing 16 posts - 1 through 16 (of 16 total)
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