Trea Turner Update

Trea Turner’s professional baseball career turned one year old on Sunday.  As a gift, the former Wolfpacker finally got the long-awaited trip he’d been promised for the past six months.

On Sunday, Trea Turner finally and officially became what everyone everywhere already knew he was going to be…the player to be named later in the now infamous three team deal last December involving San Diego, the team that made him their 13th overall pick in last June’s draft; the Washington Nationals and the Tampa Bay Rays.

For Turner, the bottom line is that he was finally able to pack his bags and book his itinerary from San Antonio (Padres’ AA affiliate) to his destination in Harrisburg (Nationals’ AA affiliate).  He exits the AA Texas league at #3 in both batting avg. (.322) and RBI’s (35), and #6 in slgpct (.471).  If he keeps up that sort of production, he could be in Syracuse (Nats’ AAA affiliate) in very short order.

Depending upon what happens with Ian Desmond, including his contract negotiations, Turner might find himself with the big club in the capital city sooner rather than later.

And in spite of all the teeth gnashing that came from red clad keyboard warriors in the months since the trade and Turner’s fate within it became public last December, both the Nats and Turner himself have had nothing but glowing praise for how he was treated by San Diego’s front office in the interim since becoming essentially a lame duck of sorts in their organization.

Nationals finally complete trade for Trea Turner (

“We’ve had guys going in there to scout him periodically,” [Nats’ GM Mike] Rizzo said. “We made an assignment for several of our professional scouts to make their way through San Antonio to see him play. We had evaluated him throughout the process and the Padres handled the situation perfectly. They treated him like the prospect that he is. I give him a lot of credit for not hindering his progress and his development by treating him just like any other prospect would be. My hats off to those guys. That was something that we discussed when we made the trade and they’ve done everything that we expected of him and they did things that we really in the best interest of Trea.”


And though he didn’t set out to do so, Turner now has a rule named after himself, which in essence modifies but doesn’t exactly overturn the “Incaviglia Rule”, which is what kept him in the SD organization until yesterday.

The rule was amended Wednesday and teams were notified this week, according to one source. Players from the most recent draft can now be traded beginning the day after the World Series, a change from the old rule, which said they couldn’t be dealt until a year after they signed.


But by the old rules, Turner couldn’t be dealt until June 13 of this year – the anniversary of the day he signed. So the Nationals and Padres agreed to make him a “player to be named later.” Thus, Turner spent this spring at the Padres’ complex in Peoria, Ariz., working out with players who won’t be his teammates later this summer and playing for coaches who won’t be instructing him as his career takes off.


The new rule also provides that players in the most recent draft cannot be used as players to be named later during the summer after they’re drafted. They must remain with the club that drafted them until the day after the World Series.


Of course, we all wish Trea the best and we’re very happy to have him back on the right coast.  Within easy driving distance.

Which kinda makes me sound like a stalker, I guess.

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    Trea Turner’s professional baseball career turned one year old on Sunday.  As a gift, the former Wolfpacker finally got the long-awaited trip he’d bee
    [See the full post at: Trea Turner Update]


    I hope he gets a September cup o’ joe, so I can draft him in one of my simulation leagues. Both my franchises are in dire need of SS help.


    Hope he does great and the Nats tank.

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    The Pads lost their head Padre today. Glad Turner finally got to his final destination (organization-wise not team-wise; hopefully he doesn’t stay with that particular team long).


    Speaking of the Pads, Cory Mazzone is with the big club.


    It should be known that Carlos Rodon is doing absolutely great in his first year in the bigs too. He was thrown right into the fire and is handling it great.. I’d love to see a SFN post highlighting his MLB successes to date.

    But of course the one game that I decided to make time for to sit down and watch he gets absolutely shelled in Pittsburgh, giving up 7 runs and getting yanked in the 3rd inning. I’m really starting to wonder if I’m the source of NC State sheeeyat.

    The kid is still carrying a 3-1 W/L record and a respectable 3.75 era for his first season. He gives up a lot of walks but if he can manage to stay healthy he is going to be an ace in a few years. It’s truly a damn share he wears a south side uniform though.. I’d love to see Epstein give him a look.


    A Rodon update will happen in the not too distant future. But yeah, in spite of some BB issues as you mentioned, he’s doing absolutely fine and is way ahead of track, that Pitt start notwithstanding. His control issues are improving and when he’s on, he’s still nasty as hell.

    Turner is still doing very well since getting to Nats organization as well even though he’s still getting his feet under himself in Harrisburg.

    Turner settling in with the Senators

    “I didn’t think about [my trade situation] too much,” he said. “My teammates would joke about it with me a little bit, and that made it a little easier. It was fun being over there. I didn’t think about my situation and whether or not they had interest in me or cared for me, I just went out to the park and had fun.”

    In those four games with Harrisburg, Turner has alternated 0-for-4 efforts with 3-for-5 games. And the 13th overall pick in the 2014 Draft acknowledged he’s still adjusting.

    “I’m still trying to get comfortable,” he said. “Over in San Antonio, for the most part, I felt comfortable. It’s not as much being comfortable with the guys because I feel welcomed and feel good around them and all that. [It’s] getting used to new surroundings and kind of relaxing a little bit. I had a three-hit night the other night and the next I went hitless. It’s not so much if I get the hits or not, it’s if I’m comfortable or not and put good swings on the ball.

    “Batting practices are at different times. The routines I got into at San Antonio are a little different. Learning how my coaches work and how my teammates work. Just getting comfortable in my daily routine.”

    Despite the uncertainty hanging over him,’s No. 52 overall prospect has put together a solid full-season debut, batting .322 with 24 extra-base hits and 15 stolen bases in 62 games between the Texas and Eastern leagues.

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