The NCAA Hammers UNC With Notice of Allegations

UNC finally released their heavily redacted version of the NCAA’s Notice of Allegations today, and this time, it doesn’t appear that the Tar Heels are going to get off with a mere slap on the wrist from college sports’ governing body.  That’s because the NCAA charged UNC with perhaps its most heinous crime, “Lack of Institutional Control.”

[NCAA Division I Manual Constitution 2.1.1, 2.8.1 and 6.01.1 (2002-03 through 2010-11)]

NOTICE OF ALLEGATIONS Case No. 00231?May 20, 2015?Page No. 49

It is alleged that the scope and nature of the violations set forth in Allegation Nos. 1 and 2 demonstrate that the institution violated the NCAA principles of institutional control and rules compliance when it failed to monitor the activities of Jan Boxill (Boxill), then philosophy instructor, director of the Parr Center for Ethics, women’s basketball athletics academic counselor in the Academic Support Program for Student-Athletes (ASPSA) and chair of the faculty. Further, the institution exhibited a lack of institutional control in regard to the special arrangements constituting impermissible benefits athletics academic counselors and staff within African and Afro-American Studies (AFRI/AFAM) department provided to student-athletes.

Specifically, individuals in the academic administration on campus, particularly in the college of arts and sciences, did not sufficiently monitor the AFRI/AFAM and ASPSA departments or provide appropriate supervision for these academic units and their staffs. The AFRI/AFAM department created anomalous courses that went unchecked for 18 years. This allowed individuals within ASPSA to use these courses through special arrangements to maintain the eligibility of academically at-risk student-athletes, particularly in the sports of football, men’s basketball and women’s basketball. Although the general student body also had access to the anomalous AFRI/AFAM courses, student-athletes received preferential access to these anomalous courses, enrolled in these anomalous courses at a disproportionate rate to that of the general student body and received other impermissible benefits not available to the general student body in connection with these courses.

Additionally, the institution did not monitor Boxill’s activities. Although employed by ASPSA, Boxill conducted her athletics academic advising activities largely within the philosophy department. Despite concerns by some at the institution that Boxill’s relationship with the women’s basketball student-athletes may have been too close, the institution did not monitor Boxill or determine whether her conduct violated institutional rules or NCAA bylaws.

Level of Allegation No. 5:
The NCAA enforcement staff believes a hearing panel of the NCAA Division I Committee on Infractions could determine that Allegation No. 5 is a severe breach of conduct (Level I) because the violations seriously undermine or threaten the integrity of the NCAA Collegiate Model and the presumption of lack of institutional control violations as Level I. [NCAA Bylaws 19.9.1 and 19.1.1-(a) (2014-15)]

Oops.  And that just touches the surface.  Men’s basketball, football, women’s basketball and many other sports were implicated, and this time it appears that the NCAA didn’t give a cursory examination and a slap on the wrist.

You can read the entire document here, in PDF form.  Take the time to read it, even though it’s long.  After the first pass, it seems clear that almost every one of the items that have been pointed out by writers like Dan Kane, blogs like this one and of course the message boards at Pack Pride were found by the NCAA.

For all of its past, present and future attempts at public relations, legal maneuvering and press management, it appears that UNC is in some deep trouble.  Loss of Institutional Control is one of the most serious charges the NCAA can level, and it was clearly mentioned in the curious case of Carolina.  The Tar Heels chose to ofuscate, deny, attack messengers, spend millions on attempts to control the media, but at the end of the day, they could not outrun the truth.  And now, it looks like it will cost them dear.

Stay tuned, there’s more to come and this saga is far from over, even after five years.

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    And the news just keeps getting better for UNx: SACS has hit them with a one-year probation. Although this doesn’t sound like much, it actually is very serious from a SACS perspective. They only thing worse would be loss of accreditation, but that would be absolutely disastrous for the entire state and was never really in the picture.

    I’ve wondered many times about the faculty over on the hill, specifically “Where are they?” in all this. The faculty at NCSU in the early 90’s was crucial to the self-imposed Draconian measure that the University adopted. They were absolutely irate at the fact that sports had cast a shadow on the academic reputation of the University, and they were loud, vocal, and unrelenting in their activism.

    Throughout the UNC scandal, with a few obvious exceptions, the UNx faculty has been strangely absent. Not just quiet, but absent. There are rumors that faculty members have been warned that any actions that run counter to the administration and PR message would potentially create funding issues/cuts, at a time when funding is a sore subject anyway. This, at least, is plausible, and fits my perception of the administration’s heavy hand well.

    So now SACS comes along and puts the ENTIRE UNIVERSITY on probation, while publicly citing 7 serious offenses. One of the dangers of probation is that research grantors will consider it as negative input, potentially impacting funding. In addition, as the departments go out to attract the very best talent to recruit to the University, such recruits will absolutely view this as negative input.

    Will SACS’ decision finally be the Black Swan event that incites the faculty? Will they see the now clear and present danger to their livelihood? Will they permit athletics to continue to drive the University toward the inevitable cliffs?

    I hope they pick up their pitchforks and make a loud noise. But I won’t hold my breath.


    How the hell did I miss this?!?!?! One of the 7 issues that SACS mentioned was the faculty’s role in “governance and handling of financial aid”.

    Feds do not play with Pell Grant fraud. If we can find an ambitious young attorney from outside the UNx family who wants to make his career, this could get very interesting, very fast.


    If the asterisk fits…


    What’s missing in the NCAA’s case against UNC


    And now 12 months of double secret probation.


    Can one imagine the giddiness associated with being allowed to retain one’s accredidation?

    I scoff at those peons.

    Regarding the UNx faculty:
    Bet alot of y’all have never seen “The Stepford Wives.”


    Meanwhile, Brian Kelly admits:

    “I think we recognized that all of my football players are at-risk — all of them — really,” Kelly told Notre Dame Insider. “Honestly, I don’t know that any of our players would get into the school by themselves right now with the academic standards the way they are. Maybe one or two of our players that are on scholarship.”

    Everyone knows that is an issue at all schools, but unx’s propaganda campaign, otherwise known as The Carolina Way, pulled the wool over their own sheep for years. Hell, I’d say a majority of their fan base still believes in the fairytale of across the board high-achieving athletes with incredible graduation rates.


    Too big to fail was a term they learned from someone else. Holes are creative enough to coin such a term on their own..

    "Whomp 'em, Up, Side the Head"!


    What one absolutely must understand, and I’m tellin’ ya.

    The cash that’s been invested into protecting whatever needs protecting is damned near infathomable to you and me.

    The best you can do is question every PR move amongst friends and enemies alike…If…it floats yer boat.

    Certainly, putting a mic in front of Roy is a hoot, but don’t get caughtup in that.

    There are bigger fish to fry.

    I repeat from The Elders:

    “They’re gonna get walloped”


    The cash that’s been invested into protecting whatever needs protecting is damned near infathomable to you and me.

    That was the first thought through my little head. The new contract is obviously a smokescreen.


    Peeps. I’m not holding cards.

    I only pass on the cryptic stuff that came about in March-ish. My Dad’s old friends know I got a big mouth.


    In the end it will be the end or maybe not.

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