State beats Clemson 66-61

It was an ugly must-win that we’ll all gladly take.

State pulled away with a 25-3 run over a 13:24 stretch in the second half where Clemson was 0-for-15 from the floor. That was a good thing, too, because State’s poor shooting from the floor (37%), and dreadful shooting from the free throw line (72%), continued in force tonight.

State led 52-36 with 2:46 remaining but had to hold off a last-minutes surge because (unofficially) State leads the ACC in in fouling with the lead.

The regular season finale is another must-win, Saturday noon against Syracuse.

Box Score: ESPN

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    It was an ugly win that we’ll all gladly take. State pulled away with a 25-3 run over a 13:24 stretch in the second half where Clemson was 0-for-15 fr
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    Pretty ugly, however, not unexpected. Not very smart at the end of the game but you have to be happy with a win down there this time of the year.


    A little diarrhea, but no full fledge turd between the sheets.

    If Clemson had less than 1,000 fouls called them, I am not sure how. Seemed we were getting could 3 times before they called one.

    Hope our guys play well on Sat. 10-8 would be a successful ACC season.

    Prowling Woofie

    Hope we have enough hot tubs for the team after this one.

    Ayers and Luckie should be arrested for aiding and abetting. There were a few felonies committed out there tonight. Tates Locke has nothing on Brownell when it comes to thug ball at Clemson.


    No such thing as a bad road win in conference. But this was impressive, not pretty. The team did what it had to do to win. Let’s do it now vs. Syracuse.

    Prowling Woofie

    Meanwhile, WVU is getting jobbed at The Fogg….


    They are. But damn those guys are tough. It helps that most of their guys are 32 years old.

    Alpha Wolf

    Clemson had 24 PF total in the game. At least 34 of those fouls were in the second half (a lot of muggings were overlooked IMO.) Seriously, I think they had something like 18 of their fouls in the second stanza.

    And Rod Hall just had his 11th consecutive senior night down there. Seriously, has that guy been there forever?

    Alpha Wolf

    And last but not least, Mila Kunis was pleased with this win:




    An “ugly” win like this says far more about how far this team has come than a “pretty” win does. All three of these last road wins have been pretty “ugly”, but they’re games that we never would have had a chance in earlier in the season because our defense wasn’t close to this good. I’ll take a defense-fueled win from this team any day, cause there have been precious few of them over the last 3 years.

    Also, it wasn’t a pretty offensive game, but in what universe is 72% FT shooting “dreadful”? It’s better than the national average, and well above our season average.


    in what universe is 72% FT shooting “dreadful”?

    My thought too. 72% is about the 79th percentile. And if I counted right, State went 18 for 23 in the last ten minutes, for 78%.

    Also, State beat Kerlina at the Dome despite shooting 35% from the field. These two games are encouraging in that it proves to the team that D can win games when your O isn’t quite there.

    Fouling with the lead? That has to stop.



    This one had me at my wit’s end at times, but this team deserves a ton of credit over the past 5 games. Need to win Saturday – and I feel confident about it – but 4 of 5 with wins @ Louisville, @ Cheats, and @ Clemson is a pretty damn amazing accomplishment for this team.

    I hope they take tons of confidence from this stretch – to go on the road and win when you pretty much have to says a lot.

    Also, I <3 Lennard.


    Yeah, they totally gutted this one out. With a 7 man rotation, and 1 of those 7 (Lacey) totally MIA.

    You bang your head into the wall (and drink) in frustration, but you can’t help loving this goofy bunch. Survive the Orange and advance to the ACCT, and then Selection Sunday – and hopefully not a second round matchup with the Shadow Pack ™.


    That was one of the uglier games I have ever been to. Glad to get the win. There were a couple old timer clempson fans near me that were screaming passionately at the refs the entire game. It was obvious that they really knew their football…
    My buddy (clemson grad) wanted to head out with about 3 minutes left. I gave him two reasons we should stay: we always make it “interesting” and if we stayed to the end we would miss the traffic.


    We know how this will play out. Lose to Syracuse, win one round of the ACCT and then suffer through selection Sunday again to be picked as a 12 seed.


    More likely win against Cuse, lose ACCT Wednesday (Wednesdays are bad luck), then divide into three camps as to whether we are (i) 10 seed; (ii) play-in 11/12 seed; (iii) NIT-bound. And argue, of course. BECAUSE TEH INTERNET.


    And actually, if I knew the above scenario would get us a non-play-in 10 or 11 seed, that’s probably the optimal scenario for us, all things considered. We could use the mental and physical break. And the avoidance of the Shadow Pack ™.


    Huge win for three bubble reasons: 1)Worst we can finish is 18-14, and no team has ever been selected as an at-large with 15 losses. You didnt want to be in the position where someone asks “have we ever selected a team with 15 losses, and the answer come back as “no” 2)According to Palm, not since UGA in 2001 at 16-14 has a team been selected at-large without at least a 4 games over .500 overall record. 3)we are now 9-8 in the ACC, worst we can finish is 9-9. Some of the bubble teams will have losing conference records (Texas), we will not.


    Ugly win. I mean it was Rosie O’Donell ugly. But it was a must win and we pulled it out.
    Now if we can just beat Sorryexcuse and go from there.


    I mean it was Rosie O’Donell ugly.

    WHAT DID YOU SAY?!?!???


    I don’t think anyone was even considering our at-large chances if we lost to BOTH Clemson and Syracuse. It had nothing to do with “15 losses” being some kind of magic number, nothing else in the resume would have held up at all.


    IIRC, down 30-24 and then up 49-33. Turner was the hinge pin.

    3 Clemson BB players to try out for FB after tackling Cat for a six yard loss. League Office will issue another, “Yeah, maybe that was a foul.”

    Trevor, opposing teams will only —- with you even more if you lose your composure. Talk with Chris Paul.

    Hard fought victory. Do we tip back a Manhattan at High Noon or stick with Mila and (per BJD) hipster brown liquor:-)??


    Clemson scored 33 points in the first 36:30

    28 in the last 3:30


    Palm is not stating anything earth-shattering here, but what I find amusing is how it’s framed for each team.

    The only thing really going against State is amount of losses. That’s it. Schedule – great. Multiple Top 25, Top 50, Top 100 wins – big time check. Road wins – check. Bad losses – 2 (neither 200+). It’s a really strong resume, but it’s stated as ‘Nice job State, but watch out.’

    Meanwhile, there is a complete unwillingness to drop A&M after losing at pedestrian Florida last night. A&M has exactly two Top 50 wins … both against the same team that is barely in the Top 50 (LSU). Two! Their third best win is at home over Florida – #79. Fourth best – Arizona State! LOL! “Well, it’s a loss at Florida but they’re not dead – it’s ok.”

    The fact that a resume like A&M’s is in the tournament per bracketologists says tons.

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