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Thought you would enjoy some of the better comments we ran across in the passing of King Karl.

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    Thought you would enjoy some of the better comments we ran across in the passing of King Karl. Kind of inhumane of the ACC to have Karl Hess work Pitt
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    Real question here: Is it still possible for him to ref an NCAA tourney game where an ACC team is involved? It probably wouldn’t happen this year, but is it at all possible?

    Along those lines, if we played another conference at home, it’s their conference’s refs that call the game. Is that correct? And if so, could Hess still call an ACC game on their court?


    maverick_ncsu, it is possible that Hess could ref a NCAA game. Absolutely. Could he ref a game involving an ACC school? Absolutely.
    Since they are independent contractors, the NCAA selects the officials. Would the NCAA put Hess in a game involving an ACC school? I seriously doubt it.

    For your second question, you have that backwards. At least for the Power 5 conferences, referees are traditionally from the road team’s conference, just like in football.

    But seeing as the AAC among other conferences are reviewing Hess as a ref now, there is a good chance he will not be refereeing anymore.


    Thank you for the response. Yeah, we saying the same thing on that second point. I just wasn’t clear in how I was asking it. I can’t see the NCAA giving Hess a game involving an ACC team either this year, but at some point, that could be difficult to avoid if we have 5-6 teams in the tourney and it’s not like if one of our teams wins the Friday game the NCAA is going to fly him out before the Sunday game he is supposed to ref just so he isn’t doing an ACC game. We’ll see, but I thought that the ACC’s ban has no bearing on the NCAA tourney. Thanks for confirming that.


    Walk Like An Egyptian, King Karl.

    But shed no tears. We’ll probably see you behind the mike on the ACC Network soon.


    My dad would have said there’s plenty more SOBs where he came from.

    Don’t fret. Another ref will take his place.


    Remember we still have Roger Ayers and Jamie Lucky!


    Maybe TV Teddy had something to do with Mick’s recent blown noggin gasket?


    TV Teddy must have drawn the short straw. He was calling the Campbell v Coastal Carolina game in Buies Creek last night.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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