Chizik Not Hired at UNC Just Yet

We couldn’t believe it when the rumors surfaced about UNC hiring Chizik who is known in the coaching circles as extremely shady. It would take some serious ignorance or audacity for UNC to make this hire. They still might but things are being held up by a background investigation according to

Despite widespread reports last week that UNC football would name Gene Chizik as its new defensive coordinator, sources close to the university and athletic department say the vetting process for the former Auburn head coach is still going on.

This, apparently, is a much more detailed review than has occurred with past coaching hires due to the NCAA sanctions and academic scandal that have rocked Carolina over the last three-plus years. It could be considered redefining what “institutional control” means at UNC.

Chizik coached Auburn to an undefeated season (14-0) and national championship in 2010, but he was fired two years later amid reports that his program was immersed in similar issues that have confronted Carolina since an NCAA investigation began in Chapel Hill over the summer of 2010.

it continues

Chizik went 8-5 and then 3-9 in 2012, after which he agreed to a buyout of the remaining years of his contract. Chizik stayed out of coaching for two seasons, working for Sirius XM Radio and ESPN while being paid off by Auburn. In the wake of reports that he was headed for UNC, stories of Chizik’s unpleasant parting at Auburn have been rekindled by the media.

It almost sounds like an admission that John Blake was shady too.

In UNC’s initial vetting process, it found Chizik to have no charges from the NCAA and not directly involved in any of the controversial issues that led to Auburn buying out his contract. But with background checks yielding the same results for former UNC coaches Butch Davis and John Blake, who were both fired during the NCAA probe, Carolina is apparently looking much closer at Chizik’s past.

The university has suffered immeasurable public relations damage, including a continuing NCAA investigation into the academic and athletic scandal, and a review of its accreditation. Thus, Chancellor Carol Folt is asking for more information on Chizik and checking more deeply into his associations than was done with Davis and Blake under former Chancellor James Moeser and Athletic Director Dick Baddour.

“This could be a seminal moment in UNC’s definition of institutional control,” said one prominent alumnus close to the situation. “Had some of the things that Folt is doing now been done in 2006 [when Davis was named head coach], John Blake would have likely never been hired. ”

Blake was the first UNC employee to be fired in the first NCAA investigation and was eventually charged with accepting money to steer players to now-deceased agent Gary Wichard for professional representation.

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    We couldn’t believe it when the rumors surfaced about UNC hiring Chizik who is known in the coaching circles as extremely shady. It would take some se
    [See the full post at: Chizik Not Hired at UNC Just Yet]


    I don’t know why uNX is even bothering, they aren’t guilty of anything, right?


    What gets me, when the UNC scandal gets reported – and why it is different than all the rest – is the people, who did not attend class GRADUATED!!!

    I wish when guys like Barkley and others talk about players not going to class they should mention those guys graduated, unlike other schools that had bad graduation rates.


    I wish when guys like Barkley and others talk about players not going to class they should mention those guys graduated, unlike other schools that had bad graduation rates.

    This is exactly what sets the UNC scandal apart from all others. They bestowed diplomas on people who did not earn them.


    To be politically correct, if you hired Black Santa, wouldn’t you have to hire white Santa too?


    Maybe they’ve checked up and Chizik was too clean for UNC-CHeat?

    Communism is not love. Communism is a hammer which we use to crush the enemy. Mao Zedong


    not only did they graduate these morons, but they graduated them EARLY! Hakeem Nicks graduated in only 3 years, then got to the NFL and took the Wonderlic test and scored an 11 on it. To translate: That means he has a borderline intellectual disability.


    Speaking of crooks… Did you see where our friend Karl Hess managed to offend the former chairman of Wake Forest Univ. board of trustees at the recent Louisville game?


    They will get the hire in. That’s just an opinion based on the “way of the world,” kinda thing.

    However, it is a well tossed around opinion from many of the respected sport lifers, coaches (real teachers) that the very thought of such a hire, at this time, forever places UNC at the top of the most wanted list for the murder of college athletics.

    The NCAA and ESPN share equal despisal.

    Alpha Wolf

    I bet that UNC’s recalcitrance in hiring Chizik has far more to do with public perception and PR than it does his past sins at Auburn. With SACS in town this week, it’s easy enough to put the two together. Once SACS has been sated with schmoozing, and maybe even cash and hookers, Chizik will get hired.

    >Did you see where our friend Karl Hess managed to offend the former chairman of Wake Forest Univ. board of trustees at the recent Louisville game?

    Not only the former chairman of Wake’s BOT, but a prominent member of the business community — he is chairman of La Quinta hotels.


    Chizik’s hiring is fascinating. The IC crowd put out a half hour podcast last night extolling the wonders that would come from Gene being the Hat’s right handed man. They did not discuss such little issues as Trooper (White Supreme Santa) Taylor and other little “inconvenient” issues.

    In addition, the word “HIRE” was all the rage. Today, after Chansky broke the news that everyone “knew”, the IC crowd went into full panic mode. PP and all Wuffies and Mary Willingham and Jay Smith and BobLee and anyone else they could think of were castigated and called $hi% for Brains.

    When some of the “respected” posters tried to bring order, there was a mutiny and it really got ugly.

    What is so interesting about this whole comical mess is the $$. Chizik will be the 4th highest paid UNC employee. Roy – 1; Hat – 2 and the UNC Health Czar – 3. PLUS, it takes a UNC BOT meeting to actually “approve” the proposed contract.

    Alpha may be correct….maybe the staff took control of the asylum for a brief time and the patients will eventually wrest control.

    As to Herr Hess. I posted a forum on this. It is hilarious. FYI, WFU is the ONLY ACC school in the past 10 (memory….I did this a while ago) years that Hess did NOT ref for one year. Me thinks that WFU “red circled” King Kong Hess. There may be some bad blood there. Now NCSU has the record. TWO years without a ref. THAT must have been some heavy duty protesting to keep KH and the Pack apart.

    Karl is as equally fascinating as the UNC administration.

    Time will tell….


    OK… just for fun…

    1. what if the hold up here is that Chisik aint finished vetting Carolina… not the other way round…

    2. what if either party during the ‘vetting process’ discovers some new truth…
    What do they do with that ‘truth’… they can’t tell the NCAA or it’s mouthpiece E$pin…’cause they’re making the NCAA look like a bunch of paid fools…

    3. What if xNC, not to mention Bubba… GOTT a bunch of phome calls from outofstate advising them to go in a different direction ?’
    If they cave in… does that not set a dangerous precedent for future coaching saeaches.

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    Even just considering Chizik spits in the face of the NCAA, the UNC faculty, SACS (I still laugh at this so far paper tiger of nerds – hope they prove me wrong), and the people of NC who have been perpetually deceived by the gangsters running the show over there.

    This is just the latest in a long line of jaw-dropping developments in their never ending saga. Amazing.


    UNC is teflon, why do they care about his past?
    They have done the impossible, totally corrupted the integrity of an academic institution and got away with it.


    Cheatzik is dreaming if he thinks everybody on Brokeback Hill is stupid enough to approve his hire. Fedora, have another Red Bull and lay off those funny smelling cigarettes. I wouldn’t put if past the Hat to “tell” a highly prized DB that Cheatzik was going to be the DC then blame it on the BOT when it doesn’t pan out. Wouldn’t be his first lie. Won’t be his last.


    OK….I have just completed my investigation….and did NOT receive even $0.99 per hour (Billable Rate). BobLee (buddy of Art Chansky and alter ego of Agent Pierce) has predicted that Gene WILL be the next DC and will occupy Johnny Blake’s old digs.

    Also the general consensus (just completed a HazMat Decon….Level IV) from the IC board is that Gene has been in residence most of the week and was “watching” video’s (presumably of the UNC gang…plus the videos that he has with Key UNC officials in compromising positions with animals….other than Ramses).

    The PR Firm of DoWe BillEm & How$ (credit that to a BobLee commenter) will be issuing the Presser….when the time is right…

    So, supposedly, old Geno (the NEW Politically INCORRECT WHITE Santa….That in itself should be ground for NOT hiring him. Where is UNC’s AFAM Diversity?) Chizik has “Come Into the Building”.

    We shall see….what we shall see…

    This info may be wrong or may be right….I guess the “We are CLEAN” New Years Resolution that Ms. Folt took expired early….


    Update from Geno been given personal gold key to the Kenan Komplex. Obviously he “vetted” without a single whiff…..he is as clean as the Eno River Association building…..


    its official


    Geno found to be a perfect match for UNCheat. It’s a system in which Geno can do his best work. The deal was sealed during a routine circle jerk in which Geno participated as a potential new link in the “chain of lies” fraud machine known as The Carolina Way. Geno brought bags of unmarked Bens to distribute to his new comrades and was quickly signed as the Cheats new defender of football images and schemes. Gene said of his new job, “You simply can’t ignore 18 years of success. I know of no other university in the world that can prove beyond doubt that they have accomplished such a feat. I am proud to make my accusations at Auburn a reality! I see my opportunity at this joint to be stepping stone to political office”.

    Well done Cheaters.


    Maybe it was the last act of Tom Ross to push the hire through.


    Maybe it was the last act of Tom Ross to say no.

    I don’t really give a rat’s ass, as I’ve really come to like this expression brought by Mr. Bill:

    “It ain’t my circus, and they ain’t my monkeys.”


    Belichek was “waiting in the wings” if this fell through..

    It’s gonna get uglier before it gets prettier!

    "Whomp 'em, Up, Side the Head"!


    … fwiw…

    As I understand the ‘actions’ by the BOG last week…
    Mr. Ross’s replacement is “scheduled” to be effective for 1/2/15 or thereafter…

    So he will have ample opportunity for multiple ‘last official acts’…

    This “circus” not only has monkeys but has also GOTT your favoirte ShowGirls, professional jugglers, fortune tellers and more than a few “clowns”…

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    ^Certainly looks like this circus has many more than just 3 rings!


    I didn’t want to derail the wonderful commentary of the “Trevor Lacey going pro thread” with a UNC scandal tangent, so I’m using this entry to link an article on SBNation’s Kentucky site.

    It’s a pretty good read and at least somebody is talking about it (even if it is a Kentucky blog). There is also a reference to another entry on SB Nation’s Duke Basketball Report:

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