Where Are They Now: Catching Up with Cam Bennerman

It sounds cliche to say NC State is a family but it really is. No other community cares for its students and alumni like Wolfpack Nation does and every once and a while we get a chance to connect with former NC State athletes and find out what they are up to in their life. Recently, we got in touch with one of the best pure athletes to ever walk the hardwood, Cam Bennerman.

In four years, Bennerman earned ACC “Sixth Man,” ACC All Team honors, Academic All ACC and consecutive Nate McMillan defensive awards. State fans remember Bennerman’s ability to hit deep three-point shots and his explosive athleticism. Personally, how can you not love a guy who flushes a fast break dunk right into Duke’s Sheldon Williams’ face?

Don’t remember that one? Enjoy this quick video.


Cam and Herb Sendek

For the past few years Bennerman has been playing professional basketball in Europe and we caught up with Cam to see how he’s been and what he’s been up to?

Cam, Thanks for taking the time to talk with us and thanks for taking the time to dunk on Sheldon Williams. You said you’re about to enter your 8th season in the Europe basketball league, Can you tell us a little about where you’ve played and where you are now?

(*Laughs!) No problem man, its an honor to be able to share with you guys. Yeeaa I’m on my 8th season, it’s been awesome. I’ve played in Italy, Spain, Turkey, Poland, to name a few. This entire journey has been a blessing and I’m so thankful to be able to do what I love.

Where has been your favorite stop along the way?

Well, Italy will always hold dear to my heart because it was my first stop ever in Europe and I experienced a lot of growth there. But Turkey was super cool also. Poland was extremely memorable because of the togetherness and success we experienced as a team. Spain was fun..every place I’ve been to holds great memories. But I’d have to say Italy.

How is basketball (and life) different than in the States?

Basketball is different in Europe than in the States mainly due to a few technical rules. There are certain moves that are taught in the USA that are not allowed in European basketball but even with that every country within Europe is different;
some countries just aren’t as strict as others.

– Life is extremely different mainly due to cultural differences. Everything from the music to food, style of fashion, all
of these things are a lot different than in the States and depending on the country you’re in can the difference can be huge!

How often do you get back home to NC and to Raleigh?

I’m from Greensboro so NC is home. I don’t get to Raleigh as much as I’d like but in the summer time I train there some. I have a few friends there as well so whenever I have some time I try to visit.

Have you been able to keep up with the team since you left? What do you think of the direction of the program?

To be honest I haven’t done a great job at that. After I left school to go professional I’ve been so focused on all that’s been coming my way. But the past 2-3 years though I have been a lot more active with training there and coaching kids at the camp over the summer. Since being around there past few years I can honestly say that the team environment is very positive! Gottfried has managed to implement something unique to NC State basketball, what that is I’m not sure, but I can see the guys are REALLY having fun and are together. Its genuine.


One of Cam’s many freakishly athletic dunks.

Have you been able to play or keep in touch with any of your old teammates? There is some guy named Hodge you might now who has seemed to play in every league known to mankind yet still has time to tweet 50x a day! (Hi Jules!)

Absolutely I still keep up with all the guys. Some through social media, some email or cell phone. I played against Engin Atsur in Turkey 2 seasons ago, Marcus Melvin my first season in Italy, Courtney Fells was my teammate in the D-League (Spurs) last year…Scooter checks in on me every month. Cliff is my big brother. Jordan is a dad now. I took a vacation to Turkey and was able to talk to Ben some..everyone is doing great!

…but that Julius guy… (laughs*)

He actually wrote me a few weeks ago, he’s a character!

In our previous conversation you mentioned a new project, CVMXIII. Can you tell us a more about that?

Since leaving school I’ve been involved with a lot of creative works mostly under LiKuid Nation. CVMXIII is my first real independent project where as LiKuid Nation was a team that I was the captain on. CVM (CAM) XIII (13, my basketball number) will be presented on a basketball platform where as LiKuid Nation was fashion, and the project will have a focus on lifestyle.

Right now the most important part is spreading awareness and watching it develop organically in terms of where the project will go. No rushing, just taking it step by step.

That really sounds interesting, What sort of topics will you be covering and creating content about? More than basketball?

There will definitely be more than just basketball, but more focused on the lifestyle. In basketball there is a language spoken a lot of times without even saying a word. Your sneakers, socks, bands, accessories…it’s a lifestyle. We also look to provide solutions for both current athletes + inspiring and the families of, and also look to create opportunities for giving back.

Ultimately this is the focus with CVMXIII. But the presentation and execution is what’s most important to me right now, making sure its understood but also unique and somewhat innovative if possible.

How can fans follow along and keep in touch with you and your project?

We are still developing things with the CVMXIII website right now but please feel free to follow me on Twitter and Instagram for all updates regarding my self and CVMXIII.

Thanks for your time Cam. I know I speak for all of us here at StateFansNation.com and all of Wolfpack Nation when I say we wish you the very best and can’t wait to follow you and your CVMXIII project’s success. Please keep in touch and keep dunking on anyone wearing blue.

Here’s the first release from CVMXIII – The View

If any other former athletes want to catch up, just hit me up on twitter or email us at StateFans [ at ] Gmail.com. We’d love to talk!

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    It sounds cliche to say NC State is a family but it really is. No other community cares for its students and alumni like Wolfpack Nation does and ever
    [See the full post at: Wher Are They Now: Catching Up with Cam Bennerman]


    Loved watching Cam play live when I was in school. That kid had hops!


    Nice article and post. Thanks!


    Very cool … thanks for the interview


    Great to hear he is still playing, stayed in same hotel / on the same floor as Sweet 16 team he was on in Syracuse. Integral part of that squad and he was a nice guy to talk to.

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