2015 Football Schedule Released [Update]

The ACC released the 2015 football schedules: TheACC.com.

State will have six home games and a Friday night game at Virginia Tech. It’s suprising we didn’t buy out of the road trip to South Alabama, but the home schedule is a major upgrade over last year. No front-loading in September with two home conference games in both October and two in November.

Hopefully a smarter mind — well, a less busy one — can figure out how to embed the full schedule below.

Sept 5th – Troy
Sept 12th – Eastern Kentucky
Sept 19th – @ Old Dominion
Sept 26th – @ South Alabama
Oct 3rd – Louisville
Oct 9th – @ Virginia Tech (Frida Night)
Oct 17th – Open (Right in the middle of the season and before our notorious black hole, can’t complain about this)
Oct 24th – @ Wake Forest
Oct 31st – Clemson
Nov 7th – @ Boston College
Nov 14th – @ Florida State
Nov 21st – Syracuse
Nov 28th – UNC-CHeats

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    The ACC released the 2015 football schedules: TheACC.com. State will have six home games and a Friday night game at Virginia Tech. It’s suprising we d
    [See the full post at: 2015 Football Schedule Released]


    Current non-conference schedule: home against Troy and Eastern Kentucky, away at Old Dominion and South Alabama. A Conference USA game, 2 Sun Belt opponents, and a I-AA team. They should be paying people to attend those games, not the other way around.


    hopefully DY is saving the money a buyout of S Alabama would cost so she can buy out MG.


    Didnt we have 2 open dates last year? I like to placement of the one we do have.


    burnbarn, I believe I heard that the “calendar is one week shorter this year”, whatever that means. Looks like everybody else on the schedule only has one open date this year as well.


    I would not go to any of the 4 non-conference games with free tickets at the bottom 50 yard line and a parking pass at the front door. Thing is it doesn’t get much better in years to come. We could go 10-2 and barely crack top 25 if then.


    ‘Cuse and the Cheats at home to finish the season. Seems favorable.


    I guess I’m in the minority, but I like this schedule for this team.

    The early road games against (arguably) lesser competition is a good thing IMHO. If Blacksburg was the first road trip of the year it might be tougher than it already will be.


    15-0 is our ceiling while 10-3 is our low. I’m so ready for fall to return.


    This is a major upgrade from last season? Are you kidding me? Our first four games are against Troy, Eastern Kentucky, Old Dominion and South Alabama, plus there are only 6 home games.

    I’m done with football. After 20 straight years of watching mediocrity on both sides of C-F Stadium, it’s definitely time to move on.


    By no means am I suggesting that the non-con schedule shouldn’t be upgraded, but really it’s not that much different than many SEC teams’ non-conference schedules.

    Alabama played West Virginina (ok, cool), Florida Atlantic (haha), Southern Miss (haha), and Western Carolina (haha) last season in non-conference play last season. And they lost their bowl game to a non-conference opponent.

    I think State should play at least one power conference non-con game a season – I just thought it was funny that Alabama plays essentially the same type of non-con schedule and is rewarded for it.

    A lot of schools should be taken to task for this type of scheduling, and a certain conference shouldn’t get a pass for hardly challenging itself in non-con scheduling.


    There is an old article (last Aug) that lists the OOC opponents that have been booked into the future:

    Notre Dame, at ECU, Old Dominion, William & Mary



    We had LSU and Tenn on our schedule and they both cancelled out leaving us in a lurch. I wasn’t aware of just how much ignorance existed regarding scheduling football until I read threads like this. Schedules are made years ahead. Buys out such as we experienced create pressures to schedule teams we might not want to schedule and to schedule home and home when we don’t want that either.

    The 13s — one is leaving or so he has announced several times and one wouldn’t go to games if the best seats were free — will not be missed.

    You want a top 15 program? It starts with good, loyal fans, not with winning conference championships and attracting football snobs who can only be bothered to watch top ranked teams. The really good programs sell out every game regardless of the opposition. Hell, Alabama sells out it’s Spring Game.

    So 13OT now that you are leaving, is this your last obituary? BTW where were your season tickets? I might want to try to pick them up if they are better than the ones I have.

    one man wolfpack

    Our OOC schedule is not as weak/bad as it seems. Eastern Kentucky won 9 games last year. South Alabama isnt gonna be as easy as most think either, especially since we have to go there to play. Troy has given “known” teams fits in past years. The only true cupcake is gonna be Old Dominion. Every team, and I mean EVERY team (including the big boys) plays a soft opening schedule. Of course some “known” teams sprinkled into our OOC schedule would look nice. We tried that in the past (LSU, TENN, and a few others.) and all that happens is they cancel on us at the last minute and we’re left scrambling trying to find a last minute replacement. Some of us State fans are just hard to please because i guarantee that the ones moaning about our soft schedule would be the first ones complaining should we schedule tougher OOC teams and start the season 1-4, or 2-3.


    Centralized scheduling is really the only answer, and it will only happen with superconferences and a 16-team playoff (as part of a sales pitch to max out TV revenue).


    Would like us to go the UNC/Wake route and schedule the Hokies and/or Devils as a non-conference game.

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